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Can I get out of my 2 year contract/verizon merger?

I have Alltel. It is december and my contract is up in February. I was thinking that I can cancel the contract two months early, and get another cell phone with a 2 year contract. Also, I was wondering if i should just ride out the 2 year contract and wait until the Verizon merger is complete, and get another device then from verizon. Also, has any word been said on when the merger will be complete?

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    The previous answer may not be true depending on where you live. If you do some research on the FFC Judgement on the merger. I believe there are 16 states that were concluded to be a monopoly if verizon were to acquire them. ND, MT, SD are the only 3 I know off the top of my head. From what I hear it will be either T-Mobile or AT&T, because the Alltel towers in those states can be easily converted to GSM Towers, which is different then Verizon and Alltel, which use CDMA. I believe they had 120 days from last month, so your looking at about February at the latest for the sell out to occur. My advice would be to wait.

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    You will be charged an early termination fee if you cancel your contract before it is up. As for the "Merger" it is already complete. Verizon has already bought out Alltel and they are using each other's towers. Nothing else is going to change- they are still going to remain seperate companies.

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    You're typically charged a pretty steep fee for canceling before your contract ends. I'd wait.

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