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anybody been to nepal???????

i just wanted to know how many of you have been to nepal. and if u hav..... how was ur experience??

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    Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal; the largest source of foreign exchange and revenue. Possessing 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventures. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal, and its cold weather are also strong attractions.

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    Nepal is magical. I've been twice and am already planning my third trip. 1st time I spent 2 weeks just in Kathmandu as I did a volunteering holiday, stayed with a local family and helped out at an orphanage. Not hard at all and probably more beneficial for me than the kids...this year I went back and did some trekking; I also spent a few days in KTM to visit my friends and the kids from last year; next year it'll be more of the same, but trekking in a different area. There is lots to do in Nepal, particularly if you are interested in outdoor activities and learning about other cultures. Probably not a recommended place for people who like the 5 star luxury hotel and beach type of holiday

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    I live and study in Nepal. Although country is small, there is endless place to visit. I'll rather go trekking in Nepal than elsewhere as Nepal has world's best trekking sites.

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    yap i am from nepal and i think its the most best country in the whole world and people are more sympathetic and there is not fear of any thing.

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    You must have go to Nepal to find how the country is. Its so beautiful, and adventurous people goes there not only one but twice or more.

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    if there is any heaven in earth , that is Nepal . Heaven is myth , but nepal is true

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    I''ve been bitten by a boksi. And I also have nightmares when a boksi bites me." The Nepalese word for it is "aithan paryo." When you are asleep and you have a heavy feeling on your chest and this heaviness increases, as though someone is placing heavy weights on your rib-cage. Your breathing becomes heavy and difficult, you sweat and gasp and suddenly wake up, and find yourself drenched with perspiration. What you''ve had is an attack of "aithan". And very often a black cat darts from your bedroom.

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    I went several years ago with my family, and it was awesome. We went white-water rafting and on elephant-back safaris, where we saw wild elephants and rhinos, but, alas, no tigers. We toured Kathmandu, and took a flight over Mt. Everest. Beautiful country.

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