what is aged to perfection?點慶祝的?

what is aged to perfection?


aged to perfection同over the hill 有乜分別?

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  • As
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    1 decade ago
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    I am aged to perfection. ( 70 years old or +)

    I am over the hill. ( It mainly refers to 40 years old something)

    How do they celebrate ?

    It depends. I met a white lady long ago. She only invited her friends over to her place and ate together.

    What would you do when you were aged to perfection?


    As for me, I would thank lord for letting me live for decades.

    I guess I'd probably have a birthday party with my close friends and family.


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  • KathyM
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    1 decade ago

    "aged to perfection" = letting something mature/get better over time (ie. wine, cheese)

    "over the hill" = kept too long and too old, past the prime of life

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