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Eileen had fairly high self-esteem from ages 12 to 16 and had been ill as a child. Her mom died when she was 17, and her self-esteem reached the lowest state. She confused everything around her. Eileen gained her sense of competence and continuity to upswing in her self-esteem during her adult years, Robins said. We always learn with experience, especially facing divorce or chaos. We will change and improve ourselves to cope with it. Fred is aware that his self-esteem may be much easy to being wounded.


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    Eilleen had high self-esteem between the age from 12 to 16, and became ill a a child. (fair就不用了,妳是寫報告,應對自己寫的內容有信心)Her mother died when she was 17. (寫報告 不用簡稱)At that time, her self-esteem dropped to the lowest. (最高級 用the lowest就可) Eillen's self-efficacy was improved and self-esteem was uplifted aafter she became an adult, Robins said. We often can learn from experiences, especialy those chaotic experiences, such as devorce. We have to modify or self to cope with the situation. Fred was awared that his self-esteem ....我看不懂這句的意思

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    and became ill as a child.

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    ....was uplifted after ....

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    We have to modify ourselves....

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