explain-give me a child of 7 and i will give you the man?

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    The quote is "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man". It is allegedly attributed to the Catholic Order, the Jesuits. In one respect it demonstrates a good understanding that the child's development from a young age is very influential on the rest of their lives. Conversely, it is probably unfair to look at a child of seven and decide what he will be like as an adult. That robs the youth of any potential to develop and improve.

    The British Television "Up" series which has followed a group of people from age 7 through their lives was based on this premise. If anything the series demonstrates that the quote is not true.

    The futures of children are not preordained. They have have lives full of potential, luck (or lack of it) and opportunities.

    There is no sexual connotation here. To suggest so is really a shallow assessment of the quote.

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    what a bunsh of people that dont open your eyes to a childs learning abilitese . that meaning GIVE ME THE CHILD UNTIL HES 7 AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE MAN comes from a king ( dont remember kings name ) meant that from 0 to 7 is when kids learn the most need,ed information , they are still learning after 7 but this is the most important time in there life to learn the BASICS of of speach, listening , putting 2 comes after 1 simple , simple things .


    parents NEED TO TAKE TIME OUT not just to listen to them but to watch them on there own journey ( they are amazing watching them on there own playing away ) .

    take care all


    im a great believer in 0 to 7 just slow down and

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    Oh, good lord. This is a quote from Aristotle and it refers to how important early childhood influences are the the development of character. Any early child development specialist would agree. The most lasting aspects of a child's relationship to the world -- is the world a safe place? is it a good place? am I lovable? am I valued? are all decided unconsciously based on the child's interactions with caregivers.

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    there are two meanings, neither one sexual.

    1) If you give a child of seven over to some institutions for training and indoctrination, he belongs to that institution forever. The Catholic church used to say that about age eight. Hitler tried to indoctrinate young children in the Hitler Jugend in order to create loyal cadres. The Egyptians trained young Christian boys to be Janissaries. Likewise, Communist regimes take young people into groups such as Komsomol.

    2) The second meaning is that one can pretty well PREDICT what an adult will be like if one observes his personality by age seven since much of one's character and habits are determined by then.

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    To me it means that when we teach a child of seven years of age, he/she is inquisitive, curious and intrigued by the world around them thus prime for learning.

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    It means that the speaker intends to make a man out of the child. It implies something sexual. I would take that it is tongue in cheek (in jest).

    Source(s): The movie musical: "Paint Your Wagon" Lee Marvin to a prostitute: "I give you the boy, return to me the man."
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