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If I am still in High School at age 18, can my parents keep me at home if I am supporting myself?

Now that I have a job, I am willing to move out of my home when I turn 18 in August 2009. Unfortunately, I have to take one extra semester of High School before I graduate. Will my parents still have legal guardianship over me before I graduate in January 2010?

I live in Michigan by the way. I was told by an adult that they still would so I decided to do some research and I am coming up with a blank. Some websites say yes, others say no. Please help! =D


Actually, I am covered with our insurance until I move out the very first time. At least, that's what I've been told by them. Thank you by the way =D I have no other way to respond that I know of...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    What makes you think you are an adult at age 18?


    You see below why I ask that, but first a little biology.

    Do you know why you are considered an adult at age 18? Because the boys have it. Why do they have it? Because they can be drafted at that age. Why are they drafted at that age? Because the human brain is still so much mush at that point.

    They have to overcome the inherent reservation to killing another human. As you get older, this becomes harder. In a way, it is a form of brain washing.

    The human brain develops in stages.

    At birth, until age two, the human brain is at the same level as most upper level mammals. Some thing can be learned, but long term memory is not yet established. There are children that develop earlier and faster, but their average life span is also shorter. People like Einstein didn’t develop their full intelligence until in his 20s.

    At age two, the brain begins developing the ability for long term memory storage. This is what most parents call the terrible twos, but there is nothing terrible as it shows the wonder of the human brain. It takes ten years for the brain to store enough data for the next stage, CONCEPTUAL THOUGHT.

    This BEGINS developing at puberty. It is a time when we BEGIN understanding concepts such as love. Prior to this time, it was just a word adults used under certain situations.

    This stage takes 12 years to complete in females, and 18 years to complete in males.

    Christ was not mature enough to leave home, and make his own decisions, until age 30. Until this time you are still feeling the desires and wants of a child. Your body is producing a hormone that overrides the logic of your brain, when you really want something. As an adolescent it was that newest toy, but as a teenager, it’s a boy, or being an adult. It is all the same. You so desire something that all else is ignored.

    You have at least 60+ years of life still ahead of you. I know that you have trouble seeing past age 20, let alone 78. I very well remember what it was like and how many of the decisions I made at age 18 that affected my life, though in many ways I would not give up the 33-year-old daughter I now have.

    There is a whole world waiting for you out there. Sure, getting out of the house may be nice, but the inherent dangers it can affect the rest of your life and the choices you may have made otherwise.

    If you’re not planning to go to college, than go to a trade school. Many blue collar jobs earn 50-200% more after just a year’s training, than what most earn after four years of college. You also might consider the Peace Corp. You can see a lot of the world while you’re still young.

    Don't look at 18 as a time to escape your parents, but as a time when you can demonstrate adult patience in waiting and learning more from your parents.

    This was the choice made by Chrst made. Do you think you are better than him?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Listen when you turn 18 you can move out and they cant stop you. Even if there was some archaic law in the state legislation that said you had to wait until the semester was over there would be no enforcement, what I mean by that is even if the law said you could not move out until you graduate, you could just go ahead and move out at age 18 anyway and they would not bother to do anything about it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no they wont have legal guardianship after you turn 18, you are free to do whatever you want, for insurance purposes, you could move out and say you still live there to get insurance,

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  • 1 decade ago

    As far as I know, they can't keep you from moving out. Oddly though, you might still be considered a dependent for getting health insurance. For more details, consult an attorney who knows the laws in your state - there could be quirks that non-experts wouldn't know.

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  • tammee
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Get out there and show some responsibility!!!! I'm sure your parents are wondering the same thing. Grow up, get a job and show that you can do it. It's very stressful on them watching you just sit on your butt and do nothing to show your responsibilities!!!

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  • dougan
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    My extreme college senior is turning 18 in April--so we face this one besides. somewhat we've instructed her that the kin regulations that are in place precise now will prepare until AFTER she's lived on her own in a dorm. So, whilst she comes homestead after her first semester in school the regulations would be re-negotiated. yet for something of her final semester of highschool, and for this summer season, the regulations nonetheless prepare. Curfew will stand because it has when you consider that she replaced into sixteen, 10 pm on college nights, lifeless night on weekends (except she has earlier approval). Our daughter isn't allowed to pass on weekend journeys without earlier permission, and if she does pass on one, she's no longer taking OUR motor vehicle that she drives. and he or she isn't allowed to go away this homestead and not using a discern understanding the place she is going, and whilst she plans on returning. Her dad and that i observed that we try this with one yet another besides--it relatively is observed as being courteous on your family members--permitting them to be conscious of the place you'll be, and approximately how long you would be there. somewhat, i might persist with my weapons in this one. particular, she may well be 18 now, yet she's nonetheless a baby. No motor vehicle, no money (from you) and no help from you until she consents to stay through the regulations of the homestead, as they have stood as much as date. Remind her that the regulations would be re-negotiated after commencement, assuming she honestly graduates. she will nonetheless blow it--there are childrens everywhere who flunked 2d semester English, and don't graduate until they have complete summer season college. Remind her that if her modern habit keeps, she will pay her own way through college besides--you will relish the extra money! i might call the buddy's mom, and supply her your version of the story--when you consider which you are able to guess that your daughter has given a quite slanted version of the story. i might say something like, "it is your enterprise who you enable to stay on your place, yet you would be able to desire to be conscious of how issues stand between my daughter and that i precise now, formerly you're making the call to help her out through offering her room and board." good success, and undergo in strategies my mantra for existence: Motherhood: it is not purely a job, it relatively is an adventure.

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