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Why are tennis skirts so short?

Has anyone noticed how short tennis skirts are? Professional tennis players wear skirts right up to their butt or even show their butt, like in this pic of Martina Hingis:

Don't you think she'd be really embarassed to be showing so much. I mean, it's not a strip show, it's a sport.

At my tennis club skirts are about the same. What are your tennis uniforms like? Do you wear a pleated skirt or a dress kind? Why do you think they're so revealing? Are you embarassed about how short they are or do you think professional players are embarassed? Do you think they will change in future? Thanks for reading.

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    Yes, they are pretty short, but it's so we are able to run without a skirt subbing on our legs or limiting our leg room. I wear skirts that are longer then in the picture- same as professionals now-a-days. I wear dress kind. Nobody is embarrassed and most girls/women's skirts are not that short. They are like what you see on T.V.. I don't think that it will change in the future because they are not as short as you think, and diffidently not as short as in the picture that was taken years ago.

    Source(s): I do home school, and a full time tennis academy (4 hours of hard core, dripping sweat, and sore muscles then an hour of fitness.) to become a professional player.
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    i think that is just a bad angle but i know what you mean because all my dresses and skirts are short. i usually wear black spandex under mine so no one sees any business! i think they are short because it's uncomfortable(for me at least) to play with a bunch of material. i love the nike dri fit and adidas clima cool because the material is so light. i think the length will stay like that but other players should start wearing spandex under! my school tennis uniform is a black border line nike skirt with a matching white border line tank. i like it but it's kind of short.

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    So it doesn't bind on your thighs. You need to be able to be super flexible, and be able to run as fast as possible, so any skirt that would inhibit movement (like a longer, tight dress), wouldn't work.

    And they wear dresses because its an old-fashioned sport where they're supposed to be ladies. No shorts allowed for women, you know?

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    Well why doesn't Maria Sharapova wear that kind of skirt and show that much butt??

    Not being a pig, but I really seriously thought that the skirts were so short so that us guys would watch them play. Advertising, you could call it.

    Source(s): Eat crap with the thumbs down. Advertising, ratings, enticing guys to watch, it all means the same thing. Show a hot girl scantily dressed and you do guarantee a male audience. Anyone who doesn't believe it go to business school and take a marketing class.
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    Oooh girl! It's because they have nice legs 'cause they play tennis. Ours is like...the length of the cheerleaders...but a LITTLE bit shorter. I wouldn't wear my skirt that short, though. I don't think that they'd be embarrassed...they have $$$, and just straight up don't care!

    Source(s): I'm on varsity tennis :D
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    It's not that they're revealing, it's just that they have to be free flowing and non constricting. They have to run around and move a lot. They need comfort and ease for this.

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    because you really can't run that well.

    i mean like you know you have to stretch your legs and stuff.

    it's way more comforable to wear them.

    and plus it's light. you will won't have that extra weight

    like from what you get from wearing jogging pants.

    it's just weightless and a lot easier to use.

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    ew you're right! too much butt!

    but its probably functional, so you can move around

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    Source(s): im a guy.
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    LMAO.........That is very umm wow. XD

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