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Old Navy Credit Card applying process.?

When I go to apply for the Old Navy Credit Card should I do it online, or would it be better to apply for it in the store.

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    Better to apply in the store. Stores and employees get credit for meeting ONC goals and they would really appreciate a customer that walks in wanting to apply for the card. Upon approval, you'll get 10% off what you purchase at O.N. that day, plus a coupon book for your next purchases at O.N., Gap, & Banana Republic. Providing your SSN is safe at the store - you dont need to fill out anything, so the store does not keep your info. It has to be entered into the register, but once the application is processed, we can't see the info again. See store associate for further details about the card and the discounts :)

    Source(s): I work at O.N.
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    If you apply in the Store at the time of purchase, they can open your account and apply your purchase straight to your card. Most stores offer a discount for the first use. The downside is your Ssn will be floating around until it goes to their back office. Most stores have security measures in place, but stuff happens. Also most stores charge 29% interest on balances. Online is ok if you ensure you have a safe connection and your not in a hurry to use the card {7-14 days}.

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    You could easily apply online, but if you already have a major credit card, I wouldn't advise getting one from Old Navy. You will be charged an Annual Percentage Rate of 21.00% and a Delinquency Rate of 23.90% per annum. That is pretty high in the world of credit cards and if you are currently receiving a lower rate on another card, dint do it.

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    You failed to mention does she have a JOB. Those are store credit cards which can only be used in those stores. The interest rate is close to 30%. Anyone can apply but is she qualified

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    In store.

    Your identity is verified at that time.

    And you will see a larger credit limit to start out with than online.

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