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Do you think my new website it too plain?

I just redid my entire website from a myspace hosting site to a relationship advice site...this is the first time i have ever done anything like this and I did it all starting from a blank page on frontpage. will you please look and tell me what you think?

I normally wouldn't care, but I actually pay to have this site. haha Please let me know!


lol thanks all, i really know nothing about this. Was just trying out something different!

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    Sorry, but this site is pretty awful. Your code is absolutely incorrect, and you're not using any layout (either divs or tables) at all. You need to take the advice of multiple answerers here and get some help with your site from a professional web designer. Here's some tips you could implement yourself, in case a designer isn't in the budget:

    1. Redesign your site using proper html and css (both of these are necessary to have a properly designed and valid site). One glaring error I noticed in just giving a cursory glance to your code is the presence of an EXTRA "<head>" tag. This is a gross error.

    2. Implement a proper navigation menu. This is a CONSTANT with all well designed sites. It is the core of your site and NEEDS to be present.

    3. Make sure to create a background that tiles well (your page looks even worse on a large screen) with no obvious edges. A quick hint: if you're going to include images in your background, put them in a separate file, so that they scale on their own. A true characteristic of great web design is that your site scales gracefully from a huge window to a small one.

    My recommendation in this instance would be to use a blog program called "Wordpress." This program is absolutely free and can be installed on your site. There are free available templates, and Wordpress is designed to be a CMS (Content Management System) style program, so all you have to do is add content. Go to to check it out.

    Hope this helps!!

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    It almost works. Its not bad, but it could be better. the simple outline works good for the first page, since there are only three options, and it doesn't take ten pages to say what needs to be said. I would recommend a toolbar or a navigation aid to go on the home page on the top or on the side of the page.

    The other pages could use improvement, but I'm not too sure what advice I can give you on them. The backgrounds are good, but the page layout can use a bit of work.

    Hope that helps

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    Unlike some of the other repliers I like it. Plain, simple and gets your message across. Not quite professional but not too bad - the background is a little too bright. Take a look at other sites, most professional sites are really quite simple and rely on content.

    A lot of sites have nothing to say and rely on effects - like this spoof one - - or even this one -

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    Personally your site is lacking in some overall direction. I hired a good company to help me out when I was building my own site. So if you would like you could check out for some professional advice and services...

    I hope this helps it sounds like you have a great product! :-)

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    You know it really does not work for me.

    It is not inviting or welcoming enough -- it is not "warm"

    Have you considered creating a site using a website builder tool?

    I recommend the one that at

    it is Easy to use and you transfer your domain name for free.

    Even if you dont use their snapsite builder, you might want to consider switching to them.

    They provide a free domain name, exceptional hosting and customer support and work toward making our world a greener place.

    Hope this helps! :-)

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    If this is your website/ your friend's website. It looks pretty terrible.

    sorry to say that, but you asked for it. A website need to look professional in order to attract customers. It needs logo, navigation menu bars, and easy to find contact information plus copy rights information.

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    I agree, this site sucks :(

    You can do a much better job! I suggust downlaoding a free template and customizing it yourself.

    Check out for some free templates!

    Good Luck! Email me if you need more help.

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    The site is very plain, sorry, but I love the idea! Add some warmer colors such as pink, brown, or dark green. It is a great website, you just need to redecorate. Please tell me what you think of my site (I just fixed the bugs.)

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    it could honestly use more pictures.......more specifics.......more put hearts and a broken heart put a picture of a couple hugging and a picturer of them breaking up try google.......something about relationships......but the idea is really good in my opinion.....just more pictures and more color would do

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