Want to buy a good telescope as gift.Reflector or Refractor? What to get and what make?

Want a good telescope that will last for years to come

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  • suitti
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    1 decade ago
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    First, and this is very important. Don't buy a scope at Walmart, ToyRus, or your local grocery store. It may be cheap ($20!), but you get something that is nearly unusable, even by an expert. Wobbly mount, magnification that is unusably high, poor focuser, and so on.

    The cheapest scope i recommend is the StarBlast. $180.

    If that's too much, i suggest 8x40 binoculars. $70. More than 8x magnification will require a tripod, which is another $100. May as well buy a scope. Some say that 10x binoculars can be hand held. I find them too hard to hold still. But i can only do about 25 pushups. Perhaps your arms are stronger.

    On the refractor vs. reflector - reflectors give you more aperture per unit cash. Refractors are OK at the very low end with low magnification - such as binoculars.

    But, it's very hard to buy a telescope for an avid astronomer. Better might be to give them a membership in a local astronomy club, or a one year subscription to either Sky & Telescope magazine, or Astronomy magazine.

  • 4 years ago

    D=50mm is way to small for anything but the moon. 10x50 binoculars will show you far more things at less cost. Get at least a D=70mm refractor like the Bresser skylux as a beginner scope, usually £150 but often on special offer at £70

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    If it's for a newbie, the right answer would probably be to buy a reflector on a dobsonian mount. Anything over 6" would be enough to begin with (I had good results with my very-old 4" Tasco).

    As for brand... there are too many. Be careful with E*aby stuff, though, as the quality is generally poor.

    If you want to learn *a lot* before making any decision check a website called cloudynights <dot> com

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who is it for? what level experience do they have? how much $?

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