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My best friend bought his 8 year old grand theft auto 4?

He takes him to rated R movies all the time, lets him look at porn on the internet, also buys him violent rap music CDs. He basically is a horrible parent. I feel like I should say something, but I dont want to seem like im being nosey! He lets his kid cut school all the time and tells him to settle disputes with other children by beating them up. The kid already will curse adults out and put his toy guns up to you and take your wallet out of your pocket and say things like "You got jacked b#tch!". My friends think it is funny, but I am genuinely worried that the child will end up in prison when he gets older. What should I do? I know this sounds outrageous but its true.

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    I would consider that to be neglect. He is failing to teach his child appropriate behavior. Exposing him to porn and violence could even be considered abuse, since children don't have the ability to process and make sense of these things and may be disturbed by them. Still, reporting him to authorities could make the situation worse, and they might not take it seriously if there is no evidence of physical abuse or neglect. What about the boy's mother or another relative? Could you tell them? What a sad situation!

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    Honestly, there is nothing you can do that I am aware of legally. I'd sever ties your friend before you find your own things missing because his little boy has become a little thief(lets face it, from what you've said, this is where he is headed). It's not a crime to corrupt your own child, the court will just dub it "different parenting style".

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    do no longer computer virus her approximately it through fact will in simple terms annoy her and make her desire to return the sport. What i might do is act mature for each week or 2 yet do no longer make it look such as you're doing it for the sport. And in the adventure that your mom does communicate over with you approximately it tell her you think of which you're accountable sufficient to handle it. yet do no longer act infantile in spite of you do through fact will make her return it formerly the blink of an eye fixed. in simple terms act like an person and you are able to desire to be ok.

  • I'd actually contact child services..I don't know if they can do anything but that seems horrible. If the child is missing school regularly I am sure they can step in and do something...

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    That's terrible, no child under the age of 18 should be exposed to that cr*p.

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    This child is going to be seriously disfunctional...that is not right to let his child be exposed to these things because he is just a child and he should let him be a child...


    Where is the child's mom I would smack my husband if he let my son do this...?

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