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When do i unlock the tier 3 cars on need for speed undercover?

I am wanting the BMW M3, please help!

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    Chil man,you will just have to progrees in Undercover.

    Once you discover Nissan Skyline police cars in police pursuits,it means tha Tier 3 cars are waiting for you.

    Usually,once you unlock all 3 islands.

    (Okay,it's up to you,but the BMW M3 has bad accel and top speed)


    Tier 3 is the third batch of cars you will unlock as you progree through the game.

    Tier 1 is the first.

    Tier 2 comes when you get to he next island.

    Tier 3 unlocks when you unlocked all the island,and your HEAT level reaches level 5.

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    i think you havent progrossed that much in the game yet to unlock them keep playing and in no time you will have them

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