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What is Ecuador like for a holiday?

Am going in May 2009, what is it like? Is it safe to travel alone?

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    Ecuador is simply incredible. It is the most diverse and fascinating country on the globe. Nowhere else can you one day scale the highest snowcapped volcano in the world and the next be either lounging on a beach or hiking through the Amazon basin. Ecuador generally is very safe. Quito can be dangerous alone at night, so BE VERY CAREFUL. Try to stay in the Tourist regions at night, Mariscal Sucre (gringolandia) is very safe. The rest of the country is incredible safe and welcoming. Enjoy you are so lucky to be able to go to this amazing place!

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    Not for a female. Being out at night is never reccommended. Always travel with a group of people. Use common sense, and remember you are not back home, you are visiting a foreign country.

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    It's relatively safe if you stay in the open, although there are pickpockets. If you can, travel with another person though.

    The people are generally respectful and kind. At least in Quito.

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    relative.. i from ecuador but i live in argentina.. i was a translater for australians is a beautiful country and so diversity.. you have the Amazon, the andes, and the coast, Beautiful beaches.. wow!, congratulations my dear you are going to ECUADOR!

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