What are the examples of potential and kinetic energy?

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>please i need your help..thanks a lot
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  • Mikey answered 5 years ago
Potential = compressed spring (has the potential to do something)

Kinetic = rolling ball (is doing something)
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  • redux answered 5 years ago
    Kinetic energy is present at body in motion. You will know a body in kinetic if it changes in position. For example, walking, running, a falling or bouncing object, a swaying pendulum and more. And potential energy is an energy present in a body at rest. It is the opposite of kinetic which does not show a changes in position. Example of this are a car parked at the garage, a bottle at the cabinet, a vase placed at the top of the table, a ball resting under the bed and more. Well that's it and good luck. I hope it helps.
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  • KC answered 5 years ago
    Potential Energy means that a stationery object has energy to do work by virtue of its POSITION (an object's height relative to gravity):
    PE = mgh

    E.g., a stationary ball placed atop a hill has the POTENTIAL energy (ability) to do roll down the hill and push another object down same hill (do work upon that object).

    Kinetic Energy means an object that is MOVING (kinetic, an object's velocity "v") has energy to do work:
    KE = 1/2 mv^2

    E.g., a rolling ball is already exhibiting energy and can knock over pins (do work on the pins).

    Note the only dependent variable difference in the two equations is the "h" in PE and "v" in KE. Remember that energy is a result of some type of force acting on another to do work and emitting heat.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    A ball kept on a height is an example of Potential energy.
    A ball moving is an example of Kinetic Energy.

    When a ball from a height falls, the potential energy gets converted to kinetic energy under the action of gravity.

    Hope this helps!
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  • boandrespect answered 5 years ago
    kinetic energy - anything that has velocity, so for example, a moving car, a person walking, a ball that has been thrown.. literally anything that is moving has kinetic energy.

    potential energy - just think of things that are moving up, eg. a car driving up a hill, a plane during lift off, when a basketball bounces it has max potential energy when it is furthest away from the ground
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  • Jeff K answered 5 years ago
    a bunched up spring = potential. kinetic = springing motion
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  • Bb jay Abuzo answered 3 months ago
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  • <3 answered 5 years ago
    well i was watching iCarly (lol) but they said if a roller coaster car was at the top of a hill it has potential energy and I guesse kinetic would be if it were being pushed or something

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