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what website is the best to learn korean?

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    it obviously depends on how you like to learn and how much you already know bt here are some websites that really helped me.

    this site is very good for getting started, learning hangul and hints and tips for learning. it has a fun approach to learning and does as a learning by mistake technique (which suited me well). although you may not think this is very effective to start with im usre that you will rember the stuff of this easy.

    the only problem though is that its material is quite limited, but its definately good as a beginner site :)

    this is good to expnad your vocabulary a bit more and get you used to reading and typing hangul characters. it also lets you learn and remember things well without actually realising, but incase you feel you have forgotten you can always get byki to refresh words that you have learnt.

    although it comes with word lists preinstalled you can alos get them from the website :)


    rember to learn it in full screen otherwise you cant see all of the hangul.

    also if you download more lists dont forget to press run otherwise it wont convert to a byki file.

    i suggest that u download it as it is free :) just say no to upgrading unless you want to pay.

    i also used this site. you work through it (make sure that you click on all the tabs and extra pages tho). i found it was quite good at explainging things but didnt neccessarily stick in my head that much, that is why i use a combination of sites.

    anyway~ good luck with you learning~!!

    oh and if you dont find any of these suit you here is a site with a list of sites for learning korean for free :)

    hope these help~


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    Learn Korean For Free

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    Learn Korean Online

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    Korean Learning Resources

    the Korean forums at

    This forum was formerly attached to zKorean (which was called something else before that). I've been a member since November, 2005 (I started learning Korean only the month before, and used this site as a supplement to my class which met very infrequently). The forum is very heavily moderated, meaning that the pathetically amateurish posts that you see at aren't present here, but you also have to watch what you say. There are a lot of people on this site who actually know what they're talking about.

    You can pretty much get on this forum and say whatever you want, which can be kind of refreshing, but on the other hand, there's a lot of junk on this site, like people playing word games that are unrelated to Korean, etc. The advertising is so omnipresent, it bugs the hell out of me! Still, if you're hesitant to rely on any one site too much for getting your questions answered, this makes a good backup. There is an occasional knowledgeable person on here, but they are much less frequent than on the aforementioned link.

    Naver :: English Dictionary

    This is by far the best Korean to English dictionary I've ever used. I has a ton of definitions, hanja, etc. This is the one the Koreans use.

    An Introduction to Korean by J. David Eisenberg

    This is a great site if you're just getting started. It will teach you hangeul, numbers, basic grammar, etc. However, I stopped using it a long time ago, because I'm way beyond this level, now. This page has now been around for about 10 years -- I'll bet I'm not the only person who had his first introduction to Korean here.

    Sogang University Korean Language Lecture [Website]

    This is a good website, run by a credible university in Korea. They offer a ton of information online. Their videos may be intimidating to beginners, though. That may scare some people off (it sure scared me away from their school, but I used their website to learn some important words).

    Source(s): Graduated from Yonsei University Korean Language Institute in Seoul, lived in Korea for over four years
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    I noticed this was 5 years ago, but if you are still looking or maybe just want to practice your Korean after you have learned it, you can visit this site. You can sign up and post an article and say that you have been studying Korean for a while and want someone to practice with, if you have Skype or even KaKao (or Line app) you can communicate with some friends from South Korea. I have been doing that, but i have been learning from them cos I don't know Korean, and I have trouble (I get sidetracked easy) with websites and youtube videos. But doing a Skype chat is so much easier!

    Just use that link, cos it is an inviting link from me, I am one of the admins (of a couple) on the site.

    Hope that helps out! And if you have any questions, I am on there most of the time, just message me, I will help you out! See ya!

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    Korean (???, Hangugeo) is the official language of South Korea, North Korea, and China's Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, and is the dominant community language of the Korean diaspora, spanning Uzbekistan to Japan to Canada. It is a fascinating and complex language of debated origins yet rich in history, culture, and beauty. Whether you're planning a vacation to the Korean World, trying to reconnect with your heritage, or just enjoy learning new languages, follow these simple steps to speaking Korean and you'll soon be on your way to fluency

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    There are a lot of websites that teaches korean for free.

    But it's not complete compared to the paid websites.

    Just search in google or yahoo

    "learn Korean online for free"

    and you will find what you need.

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    what website is the best to learn korean?

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