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修改一段英文文章 (2)


second, racism discrimination is the common problem for immigrant because of their skin color and language problem. 少數族裔常被歧視是做壞事的源頭with no reason. As the husband and wife in the novel, Delaney and Kyra, 夫妻倆一樣, 他們不管發生什麼事都直接往墨西哥人頭上推好像什麼壞事都是墨西哥人做的一樣 and Kyra even build the wall around their house to avoid coyote and Mexican. And the worst thing is when Delaney has traffic accident with Cndido, he convinces he has no any fault because he thinks Candido is an illegal immigrant. And when he tells this fact to his friend, Jardine, he also thinks Delaney has not do anything wrong and that it has been Candido’s own fault because he hasn’t asked for help. Moreover, Kyra is more worst than her husband, 她對墨西哥人的偏見更為嚴重, 他竟然連墨西哥人群聚在街角等待工作都有意見 還說他們沒有資格找工作, 他們搶了白人的飯碗. In addition, not only the adult but also the white children have discrimination with Mexican; one day, when Candido meets two white teenagers at the camp, they destroy all the things and leave behind an obscene message that reveals their racist attitude. I think the world exist good and bad people simultaneously and it is no relationship with one’s skin color. Because人人生而平等 如果因為一個人的膚色而抹殺他 這對人來說實在太不公平 每個人都應該尊重別人 而不是用一個人的膚色去定義他


種族歧視是幾乎所有移民者都會遇到的問題, 因為膚色的關係 和語言溝通不良的原因 少數族裔常備歧視是做壞事的源頭with No reason 就像delaney 和 kyra夫妻倆一樣, 他們不管發生什麼是 都直接往墨西哥人頭上推好像什麼壞事都是墨西哥人做的一樣 而且還特地健了一到強 藥房墨西哥人和狼 更可惡的事 delainey撞傷了 candido 他竟然說服自己一點錯都沒有, 因為candido是非法移民 連他的朋友捷克都這麼認為 因為他跟delaney說 勢candidio自己沒有尋求幫助的. 比delaney更糟的他的妻子 kyra, 對墨西哥人的偏見更為嚴重, 他竟然連墨西哥人群聚在接腳都有意見 還說他們沒有資格找工作, 他們搶了白人的飯碗 不只大人連小孩子都有種族歧視 有一次candodo預見兩個白人小孩 他們丟掉他的東西 and even leave behinf an obscenece message that reveals their racist attitude. ;Beaners die

我認為世界上有壞人也有好人 這跟種族與膚色並沒有什麼關係 人人聲兒平等 如果因為一個人的膚色兒抹殺他 這對人來說實在太不公平 每個人都應該尊重別人 兒不是用一個人的膚色去定義他



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    secondly, racism is the stero-type among immigrants for their appearance and language, or their culture . People like them are always treated as wrongdoers without any reason. In this novel, the couple, Delaney and Kyra, always think it all the downfalt of Mexicans when something happens. Kyra even built walls around his house to keep away from coyotes and Mexicans. And worst of all, Delaney was driving and hit Cndido , he didn't apologize but blamed him as the carelessness of an illegal immigrant. later, he told this story to his friend, Jardine. He agreed that Delaney hadn't done anything wrong and pointed it out Candido’s own fault because he hadn’t asked for help. Moreover, Kyra who has bias worse than her husband, sees Mexicans are eye-sores. She says they shouldn't have taken the job oppertunities of white. Besides, not only white adults but also the white children have discrimination with Mexican. one day, Candido saw two white teenagers in a camp damage all of the facilities , drop some obscene message. In my oppinion, people around the world are born of equality. We shall not judge someone else by their ethnic group, or nationality.

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