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Sulcata Tortoise, habitat Q?

I was thinking of getting one of these Sulcata's. Would it be alright to have him a container in my room with heat that he can go in/out of as he pleases and wander my room when he wants?

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    Hey, Daytime temperatures during much of the year should range from 85-105 F (29-40 C) during the day. At night, temperatures can drop into the 70s F (21-26 C) in their enclosure. They must be dry. Provisions must be made to house them indoors during rainy weather and in places where the nights are cold and/or damp.

    Sulcatas can be housed outdoors only if they are provided dry, heated housing into which they will retire at night and during inclement weather. If they will not come out and go in on their own, they will have to be directed or physically moved. (Note that while this may not be a problem when the tortoises weigh less than 25 pounds or so, it can become quite problematic when they weigh 90 pounds or more.) In sufficiently dry areas that are protected from predators and humans, sulcatas may be kept outdoors at night as well, with living in-ground trees and shrubs providing the shelter over their pallets they require. Some owners recommend making sure that fencing surrounding the compound be opaque: if the sulcatas can see through it, they will try to plow through or burrow under it.

    A dog house or, for younger sulcatas, a trash can laid on its side, make suitable houses for sulcatas. They must be raised up off the ground and must be supplied with heat during colder weather. A wide ramp must be constructed for them to move easily in and out. Make a curtain to cover the opening; a couple of layers of plastic drop cloth, cut into 2-3 inch wide strips, will create a curtain that can easily be pushed through but will keep out draughts. It will also help insulate the house by reducing heat loss. During the winter months, insulating layers of plastic, sod or wood can be used to cover the top and sides of the house. Red lights or ceramic heating elements, suspended from the ceiling of the house and safely out of reach of the tortoise, may be used during cool weather. A pig blanket (also called a farrowing pad, these are rigid heating pads made for pigs to lie upon) can be used inside on the floor.

    Sulcatas like to burrow and they are quite good at doing so. They feel more comfortable when they can feel their environment around them. When a pig blanket on the floor is enough for heat, a trash can may work just fine as they can feel the sides of it around it. The curtain across the doorway helps as well by providing not only insulation by a physical, albeit passable, barrier. Fresh mounds of alfalfa hay or pesticide- and pest-free leaves and grass can be placed inside to also give them a burrowing medium. Check regularly and replace as necessary. A shallow water bowl, with sides low enough for the tortoise to reach into, should be available at all times if there is no wallow available. Tortoises do not swim, they sink. You need to make sure they can easily access the water but that it is not any deeper than the tortoise's bridge, the section of shell that joins the carapace (top shell) and plastron (bottom shell). A bowl or flowerpot saucer (plastic or glazed ceramic) may be find for a larger tortoise; it may need to be sunk slightly into the substrate for smaller tortoises. Be prepared to refresh daily and clean frequently.

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    Good Luck.

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    Sulcata Tortoise Habitat

  • 1 decade ago here is a site so you can see what type of care a sulcata needs, keeping a tortoise that requires room and high temps in a container in your room will only lead to the tortoise getting sick, the ideal housing for these tortoises when they get big is an outdoor run with a heated shed or green house, you could possibly be dealing with a 200lb tortoise when it is fully grown and they need space and lots of it a indoor room unless specially adapted is not an ideal home for they tortoises, you also have to consider that having a tortoise wandering around is not good from a Hygiene point of view, you can't toilet train a tortoise and you will have a tortoise that is walking around your room weeing and pooing all over the place eventually it will smell and if you have carpets will become a breeding ground for all sort of bacteria and germs which will not do you or your tortoise any good health wise, the best thing you can do if you want a tortoise is to research them and see which one will best fit in with your space and lifestyle, sorry this is probably not what you want to hear but you have to think what is best for a tortoise and a room and container is not what is best for a sulcata best of luck anyway

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  • I'm sure that would be great for him! Just make sure theres not to much around that can hurt him or that he can eat and shouldn't.

    Make your room temperature warm, too. They can get relatively big too. The largest shell length ranges up to 36 inches and weighs up to 240 lbs. So be ready for that. If taken care of properly a Sulcata tortoise can live up to 70 years. Make sure your ready for that. There really fascinating and enjoyable animals, though. An ambient temperature should be kept at 72° -85° F. A basking area should be kept on one side of the enclosure at a temperature of 85° - 89° F. At night, the temperature can drop down to 70° - 75° F. It is a good practice to let the tortoise soak at least twice a week. So make sure he can get that since he will be "Free" roaming. African spur thigh tortoises come from a desert region therefore require a dry, arid enclosure. A hide box is often beneficial. Many people use a Dogloo® and put a pig blanket in the housing for warmth in large enclosures.

    Good Luck!

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    they are able to consume apples with out concern. because of the quantity of sugar maximum culmination could basically be feed to them as quickly as each and every week or so. Mine stay prickly pear cactus (do away with the thorns) enormously the fruit of the cactus and additionally Christmas Cactus. Mine circulate nuts over the those 2 cacti and that they are rather straight forward to advance your self. i wish this facilitates, they are super tortoises!

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