Piano sheet music for the Youtube Symphony Orchestra?

Does anyone know where to find the piano part to the piece for the Youtube Symphony Orchestra? I looked on their channel but it isn't there. If anyone does, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks. :)


Ok, thanks. I just looked again and it says 'coming soon...'.

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    it's not up yet. either they don't actually have a piano part for the orchestra piece or they haven't put it up yet.

    The four recommended pieces for the audition for performing at carnegie hall all belong to public domain. just google the pieces and you should find them.

  • toran
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    3 years ago

    i'm into the "extremely severe" classical track too, lol. Off the coolest of my head that i'm able to think of of: Bach: - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Beethoven: - Pathetique Piano Sonata - Symphony No. 6 - fourth stream - Symphony No. 9 Bernstein: - "on the Waterfront" Suite Corigliano: - The pink Violin Chaccone for Solo Violin and Orchestra (heavily severe and remarkable!) Grieg: - Peer Gynt Suite No. a million - stream 4 "in the hall of the Mountain King" Mozart: - Symphony No. 25 - 1st stream - Symphony No. 40 - Requiem Orff: - "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana Mussorgsky - photographs at an Exhibition Rachmaninoff: something by way of Rachmaninoff! His piano concerti are stunning! Strauss: - additionally Sprach Zarathustra - Fanfare Tchaikovsky: - Marche Slave - Piano Concerto No. a million - 1812 Overture Verdi: - "Dies Irae" from his Requiem

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    Como me gusta la música y tengo algunas nociones, se apreciar la excelente oferta de sitios web, aunque ha sido muy difícil a la hora de elegir uno, a su llegado, he sabido que he elegido lo mejor. Un precio excelente para un excelente instrumento ha hecho que esta compra sea una perfecta.

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    I think you simply have to purchase one of the four pieces on your own. I would try getting on amazon maybe if you are looking for something cheap...otherwise I would go with a Henle Urtext edition.

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