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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 1 decade ago

Looking for a thrift store that has some great vintage / designer clothes in CT?

I'm looking for a great vintage thrift shop that has some great clothes and maybe even some vintage designer in Connecticut.... lemme know your favorites :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    go to towns like westport, norwalk, greenwich, southport. guaranteed to find good stuff there. some of the smallest, not so popular stores have some of the best findings. even try goodwill. people have a way of giving (disposing of in their terms) away nice things when they have to make room for new stuff

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  • 3 years ago

    nicely, maximum thrift shops have much less interior the better sizes, so i don't purchase outfits in thrift shops for myself. yet a number of my acquaintances are extremely stylish and stylish, in well-known figures and thrift shop outfits. they don't look to be even rather 2nd-hand, as many times somebody will donate outfits they have actually never worn. It exchange into given as a cutting-edge, yet did not extra wholesome or exchange into not the right colour, and so on. It exchange into offered with out attempting on, or purely till now a important exchange in weight. regrettably, some have been probable offered by using compulsive shoppers, who could sparkling out their closets periodically to make room for cutting-edge acquisitions, regardless of if or not they ever have been given around to donning the garment. in case you seem heavily, various the thrift shop's classiest outfits seem as though they have been actually never worn, or have been so nicely cared for and worn so seldom that the distinction is negligible. Your factor is rather made: as quickly as you have extra it abode, how is somebody to appreciate (till you tell them) that a given merchandise on your possession exchange into utilized by using somebody else first? If it does not seem type new, so what? maximum of your stuff isn't type new, in spite of each and every little thing; cutting-edge, perhaps, yet not knew. unquestionably fixtures, dishes, flatware, DVDs and CDs etc get donated to the thrift shops whilst they are nevertheless in surprising concern. not for all time, of course; yet many times adequate that in case you perform a little checking around, you are able to shop particularly a kit. i'm just about 60, and that i've got basically very infrequently (and extremely till now) offered new fixtures. And that exchange into unfinished, and that i did the stain and polish myself. in any different case, used could have been extra useful, not basically for the value however the relative high quality. purely does not look necessary to spend funds for sparkling, regardless of if i ought to attend to to pay for it. i've got have been given a lot of extra useful issues to do with my funds!

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