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What's Green Latern's Origin ?

origin - is why someone became a hero

example: spider-man because his uncle was killed by a bad guy

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    In most instances, Abin Sur is wounded in his duty as a Green Lantern, and goes to Earth, only to realize he is dying. He sends off his ring to find a good, kind, honorable man to be the next green lantern, and then Abin dies. The ring searches and chooses the next Green Lantern. Then the ring takes him to the Guardians who explain all about the Green Lantern corps, or the ring leads him to Abin Sur who explains everything before Abin dies. Regardless, the Green Lantern is honored that the ring chose him and decides to use the ring to protect earth and those around earth who need saving.

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    In almost every series of "Green Lantern" they make/craft/ or gain control of the rings to protect justice

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