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real alternatives to coal power plant?

anyone know any real solutions or alternative energy to the coal power plants? if you have and answer can you give me the location city, country of where it is located at, so i can look into it


and links or websites would be much helpful

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    As of now the only thing that can replace coal is nuclear power. Wind, tide, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric do not produce enough power to meet current demands. If they did work then you would see renewable energy in widespread use. There is a reason you don't see "green" clean energy producing facilities everywhere.

    Nothing can produce power as cheap as coal. It is numbers game like everything else in the world. Renewable energy has a long way to go before it works. Renewable energy is a joke until technology improves. I am a liberal Democrat and I support groups like Green Peace and The Sierra Club. These groups are unrealistic dreamers when it comes to energy needs.

    Coal is dirty and severely damages the environment, but we need it. In fact we need more coal powered energy plants in America. Coal will save the United States once again just like it has done in the past.

    The truth about coal: It is wicked bad for the environment, but the alternative (using oil) is much worse. Do your own research you will and you will see both sides of the green vs. coal argument have valid points.

    Did you know a home in the Northern United States can supply all of its heating needs with $130 in coal for an entire winter? Due to inefficient power transmission infrastructure in America it would coast $3000 to do this with electricity.

    Don't believe the hype coal is GOOD for America. I am a very liberal democrat and I side with Greenpeace on most issues.

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    Alternatives To Coal

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    Currently 50% of our nations electricity is generated from coal. In reading other responses, I saw where people made the assumption that since solar is a free source of fuel that electricity that comes from solar must be free as well. Actually, electricity generated by solar is three times the cost of electricity that comes from coal. $.18/kwhr to $.06/kwhr. If you want to go renewable, hydro is the cheapest and is actually cheaper than coal. Wind is very cost competitive but tends to not generate electricity when it is really need during mid day. They are working on storage right now for it but have not yet found ways to make that storage cost competitive. Nuclear is perhaps the most cost competitive fuel source. I believe that on average it is. While renewables are becoming more cost competitive, coal is becoming cleaner. We have an abundant source of both. It will be interesting to see if coal plants become emission free first and remain cost competitive, or if renewables become cost competive first. Hopefully, we get both.

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    tidal energy - The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

    hydroelectricity - The Hoover Dam

    solar energy - Germany

    wind power - Texas

    geothermal - Iceland and New Zealand

    wave power - Portugal

    nuclear power - France

    biomass energy - Texas

    natural gas - Russia

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    Solar has no running costs unlike coal plants which require massive amounts of water, coal, oil for lubricating turbines, replacement of worn moving parts etc. All you have to do is put them there and they will continue to produce electricity free of charge indefinately

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    solar power plant, wind power

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    there is a solar plant being built in my county actually, it's being put on top of a buried landfill. also there are two waste to energy facilities under construction. i live in clyde, north carolina. which is haywood county. it's very small. hope this helps! :)

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    Nuclear power plants... several already working in the U.S and 80% of electric is that way in is the only solution...

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    there's wind farms, hydroelectricity, and solar power, to name a few.

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    solar is the best

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