What causes political apathy?

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Why don't people care and why is it getting worse?
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  • Garth answered 5 years ago
Some of it is laziness, some people are afraid of making a decision, some are inadequately educated to understand what is going on. Some feel their vote won't make a difference so why get involved. Some are quite happy with the way things are and think by ignoring what is going on nothing will change.
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  • crunch answered 5 years ago
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  • Vladimir answered 5 years ago
    The US Media GOP propganda
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  • bob answered 5 years ago
    When you have to choose between two evils, many people decide not to choose at all.

    Additionally, when a population increases, your vote becomes statistically worth less. Consider you are 1 of a population of 5, so you control 20% of the vote. The population increases to 10, you are 10% of the vote. Now consider that you are 1 vote out of over a hundred million. When would that ever make a difference.
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  • ADE answered 6 months ago
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  • darren m answered 5 years ago
    I think that the reason for apathy is that there is the belief that after The Cold War WW3 is not a possibility.

    If people had a cause perhaps unity over the idea that together they would not face defeat this might help.

    A United Humanity in a United Nations.

    Citizens in participation not just governments.

    Also the idea that a communal system and solar electric, wind power plus recycling avoids war due to no conflicting interests.


    Gwynne Dyer's book War plus Communist Manifesto.

    Science. apathy also could be propaganda device.
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  • Aidan answered 5 years ago
    I think political apathy is created at two levels 1) underclasses and poor people are actually existing in society which seems alien from political structures and are thought and accept different survival strategies while accepting their poverty as natural. 2) People are thought to be individuals and believe by organizing and reoganising the self they can become liberated(politics seems to have little to do with their personal troubles which isnt true!) hence the rise of modern consumerism. People use products, courses and all sorts of things you can attach to yourself personally to improve you life, this doesnt always work. Basically there has been a breakdown of social bonds and people are becoming more atomised and reliant on the self and consumption of goods for the self to try deal with their social problems.

    For example the foods produced in western society which are the cheapest and easiest to access are fatty fast foods while we have longer working hours and less time to prepare food: this is a political and social problem. Yet we are all thought and accept that we need to change our lifestyles, run around the block and buy more rare and expensive alternative foods. Thus we have an individualistic consumer movement of lifestylists and not a political movement.


    Adorno, Marcuse .... the frankfurt school
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  • K S answered 5 years ago
    I just don't care. I have plenty of food, and a home, and can pay my bills.
    The surest way to cause strife? Starve people.
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  • lilredhead1 answered 5 years ago
    Don't know and don't care
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