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The bailout is now at 8.5 trillion dollars... Couldn't the CITIZENS of this country have spent that better?

The total cost of the bailout is now reaching 8.5 TRILLION dollars.

According to the 2007 IRS Data Book, there are approximately 138 million taxpayers.

If the government would have bailed out the American people, each taxpayer would have received $61,594.20.

Wouldn't that have stimulated the economy? If they had given that to the people, would the people be able to pay their mortgages and their bills preventing much of this mess? Couldn't we have used that money buying cars from the "Big 3" helping their businesses?

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    The Democrats had to pay off the people who have helped them win the election.

    It is called pay back time.

    Orchestrating a economy Crisis, takes money time and people to accomplish. So Insuring the money being paid back Plus insurance of future use of the companies, sets the Democrats up Prefect.

    They play book can now go in Full Play.

    In Jan, The Democrats will control the banks, Insurance companies, and Brokers. Easiest way to be able to nationalize the country.

    Who ever controls the money, Controls the People...................

    Then can now say the government is broke, They can Change the monetary unit of America or even make the North American Union. Their options are now limitless, and they know that.

    Oh they will through the people crumbs to make it seem like they care about them. Or set up employment to have the people work for the government and make them dependent on the government. Making it look like the government cares about them. Because they know the people are dumb, and will be so happy to get anything.

    While they continue to live high off the hog, and their life styles do not change. Just yours and mine does.

    Yes, Look at the big Picture and do not be so dumb and listen to all the propaganda you are fed.

    When you lose your rights and freedoms it will be too late. They want to keep you distracted and miserable until they can execute their plan.

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    We are doomed to a eternity of debt thinks to the idiots we elected to rule over us.

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    If they gave me $60k, i'd promise to buy a brand new car :)

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    mutiny our leaders are only out for themselves and their backs i say a revolution is in order they can not silence us all

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