What happens to balloon?

Often when people release balloon in events, the balloon goes higher and higher in the sky. How far the balloon can go up in the sky and what happens when it reach its limit?

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    Simple. The balloon rises until one of two things happens. It bursts because it expands enough as the outside pressure lowers enough, OR it reaches equilibrium where the air displaced equals the weight of the balloon and it becomes neutrally buoyant. Which, by the way, is exactly how a submarine works in water, changing the shape so ir displaces exactly the amount of water that it weighs so it becomes neutrally buoyant and neither rises or sinks. As for the other person who answered and then asked who cares? Well, during WWII, the Japanese did. They launched balloons from mainland Japan with bombs which were carried by the jet stream to the United States west coast where a timer released the bombs. There were NO hits in populated areas, but the scheme WORKED and the Japanese actually dropped bombs which landed in the forests of Oregon. The scheme did not work very well, but the fact it even worked at all is really something. And then there was Steve Fossett, who was killed recently in an airplane crash, who navigated a hot air balloon completely around the world. HE certainly cared!

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    As a helium filled balloon rises it will eventually start to enter lower pressures which will cause the balloon to expand until the balloon reaches its limits and pops.

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    As per the previous answers, it depends on the thermal conductivity of the balloon, the rate of its rise, and the strength of the balloon.

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    eventually, the balloon will begin to shrink as the colder air causes the gases in it to increase in density and the balloon should fall.

    does anyone REALLY care about what happens though?

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    What happened with the ballons?

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