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Do I have Egyptian citizenship?

My mom and dad were both pure Egyptian but I was born and raised in the US do I have Egyptian citizenship?

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    Citizenship reflects the legal and political relationship between a person and a country.

    It can generally be acquired by jus soli (right of territory), jus sanguinis (right of blood), or naturalization.

    It depends on the Country itself, In Egypt it depends on the right of blood which is the nationality of the parents and more precisely the father.

    In some countries it depends on the right of territory which is the place where the child was born , and naturalization is when you give away your nationality voluntarily to acquire another nationality or acquire a nationality beside the original one.

    So according to egyptian private international law since your mom and dad are pure Egyptians then automatically you are an Egyptian :)

    It also depends if you are a minor or a major .. if you are a minor and your parents gave away your old citizenship.

    When you reach the age of majority by maximum one year ! you can ask to get your citizenship back. (its a matter of choice)

    Source(s): i'm a law student
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    Not at the moment. But you can do all you need to do is get your birthcertificate, go to the egyptian consulate - get it stamped and then get ur egyptian birthcertificate, Once u have that you can get ur egyptian ID and passport.

    I did the same thing although from the UK.

    However because ur a guy, dependin on ur age you will also need to get an exemption certificate for the army. Just to show u live outside the country and therefore dont need to go for obligatory term in the army.

  • If they registered you in the Egyptian consulate where you live, then you should have papers that state that you are Egyptian. If they haven't then I recommend that they do this as soon as possible to prove that you are Egyptian.

  • Eman G
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    1 decade ago

    Yes u r Egyptian.

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    if any of your parents "your mum or dad" were egyptian then you're 100% egyptian and you should be proud of beeing one :)

  • 1 decade ago

    no your parents do unless they took a citizenship test then they would be american if they didn't then they're egyptian citizens

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes you are egyptian you should be proud

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