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okay, running issues? knee pops?

well,every time i step with both legs my knees pop.

it always popped. but now when my right knee pops it hurts, i think it might have happened because when i run my feet tend to point inward a little bit, and it hurts really bad when i go up stairs. i was gonna start running a mile twice a week. but since my knee hurts, is it a bad idea?

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    You have Iliotibial Band Syndrome, or ITBS for short. It is also called "Popping Knee Syndrome". The IT band is a dense connective tissue that connects to a muscle called the Tensor Fascae Latae, or TFL. The role of this muscle is to internally rotate the knee, which explains why your feet point inward. Overly strengthened or tight TFL causes the IT band to become tense and it misaligns the knee and causes the popping you hear. The pain you feel is the rubbing of the IT band against your Femur. I have, and am trying to cure myself, of a less common form of it in which it causes hip pain instead of knee pain. Stretching is key, along with new shoes and working on proper running form. In addition, strengthening external rotators of the knee counterracts the TFL. It would be too hard for me to explain exercises or stretches here, but google "IT band stretches" and "Gluteus Medius Exercises" and "Piriformis Exercises". Perform these exercises at least 2 out of every 3 days and you should be on the road to recovery. And no, don't run twice a week until your pain goes away. Try a different exercise, like bike riding or swimming (breast stroke or butterfly are especially good at releasing the TFL).

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    Consulting your Doc will help you to evaluate the situation and what may be wrong. It's probably advised you do, as continual popping of your knee will only elasticate the cruciate and medial ligaments. It could lead to future problems if not looked at by a specialist. My advice for now until you can get an appointment is to buy a knee support. It will help give the knee some strength until you get it seen to. Good Luck....

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