Desktop computer manufacturers, Are?

EI systems and E-machines the same company?


James, that was not what I asked.

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    The popular ones are Acer, Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba. Here is a more complete list copied from Wiki.

    Aberdeen [1] – Systems and servers. [2] – Custom builder of 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U rack-mount servers, systems, and appliances running Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows.

    ABS Computer Technologies [3] – Owned by Newegg, a popular online parts store.

    Acer [4] - Third largest computer manufacturer in the world. [5]

    Gateway [6] - Presently a brand name of Acer after being acquired in 2007. Largely known for the cow patterned boxes.

    eMachines [7] - Presently a brand name of Gateway/Acer after being acquired in 2004.

    Packard Bell [8] - Acer acquired 75% of its parent company, PB Holdings in 2008. [9]

    Apple [10] - Third largest computer manufacturer in the United States. [11] Desktop, notebook, mobile devices.

    Asus [12] - Largely known for main-boards and parts, also builds notebooks.

    AVADirect [13] - Custom builder of desktops, gaming systems, servers, and laptops.

    Averatec [14] - a low-cost laptop computer manufacturer based in Orange County, California.

    Chassis Plans [15] - Rugged, rackmount, military computer systems. INC500 at 151. FAST100 at 4 & 13. [16][17][18]

    Clevo [19] - Taiwanese laptop manufacturer diversifying into other technology fields.

    Commodore Gaming [20] - High end Gaming PCs, revival of the brand of the Commodore 64, the most popular computer system to date.

    CyberPower PC [21] - Low-cost high-end gaming PCs.

    Dell [22] - Second largest computer manufacturer in the world. [23]

    Alienware [24] - High-end gaming PCs and laptops. Presently a brand name of Dell after being acquired in 2006.

    Dera [25] - Computer manufacturer tailoring to homes & businesses.

    Everex [26] - budget systems pre-loaded with gOS, an Ubuntu Linux derivative.

    Falcon Northwest [27] - Custom-built high end gaming systems.

    Fujitsu [28] - Largely known for media devices but also builds notebooks and servers.

    Fujitsu Siemens [29] - Largest computer manufacturer in Germany.

    Groupe Bull [30] - French manufacturer of high performance supercomputers and data centers.

    Hewlett-Packard [31] - Largest computer manufacturer in the world. [32]

    Compaq [33] - Budget brand of PCs and laptops. Presently a brand name of Hewlett-Packard after the merger in 2002.

    VoodooPC [34] - High-end gaming PCs and laptops. Presently a brand name of Hewlett-Packard after being acquired in 2006.

    HCL Infosystems Ltd [35]

    Hitachi [36]

    IBM [37] - PC system manufacturers division was acquired by Lenovo.

    Lanner_Inc - Taiwanese OEM manufacturer of embedded and industrial computers, network appliances and video application platforms.

    Lenovo [38] - Fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world. [39] Acquired IBM’s Personal Computing Division in 2005.

    MDG Computers [40] - Largest computer manufacturer in Canada. Private company owned by Goran Varaklic.

    Mesh Computers [41] - One of the UK's leading and most awarded computer manufacturers.

    MPC (formerly MicronPC) [42] - Manufactures notebooks for consumers and businesses.

    NEC [43] - computer division of a large technology company, products range from laptops to supercomputers.

    Olidata [44] - Italian computer system manufacturer.

    Olivetti [45] - First system manufacturer in Italy.

    Panasonic [46] - primarily known for the Toughbook rugged laptop computer.

    Psystar [47] – The first commercially available Hackintoshes

    Samsung Electronics [48] - The Sens line of laptop computers. Is the largest manufacturer of LCD panels worldwide.

    Sharp [49] - manufactures a line of laptop computers.

    Shuttle [50] - Manufactures small form-factor desktop computers across a range of performance and price.

    SGI [51] - high performance computer clusters based on Intel Xeon processors, servers, and workstations.

    Sony [52] - Manufactures desktops and laptops under the VAIO sub-brand.

    Sun Microsystems [53] - Primarily manufactures servers and workstations.

    System 76 [54] - Computer systems pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux

    Toshiba [55] - Fifth largest computer manufacturer in the world. [56]

    Tyan [57] - primarily a manufacturer of server components

    Unisys [58] - large scale IT solutions, manufactures servers.

    Velocity Micro [59] - High performance gaming systems.

    Vigor Gaming [60] - High performance gaming systems.

    WidowPC [61] - Custom built gaming computers.

    Wipro Infotech [62] - division of a large Indian information technology services conglomerate.

    Zepto [63] - Large European laptop manufacturer based in Denmark.

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    Yes if you having all of the same company you can to loging whit your document your buyed this computer and the agent factory can to driving if your loosed some of the Mother-Board.

    I like Sony and Benq.

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