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What the difference between hp officejet and hp laserjet!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?


and hp photosmart

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    HP Officejet (and Officejet Pro) are inkjet printers that are meant for small office (or home) use. The generally include features such as scanning and faxing that are useful in office settings. Also, they tend to use somewhat larger ink cartridges, lending to lower printing costs.

    HP Laserjet printers are laser printers. Laser printers are heavy duty printers usually used in offices. They differ from inkjet printers in that they use toner instead of ink. Toner is melted onto the page leading to more durable prints (inkjet prints can smudge easily at times). Cartridges for laser printers cost significantly more, but will also yield many more prints than an inkjet cartridge. For example, an inkjet cartridge may print 250 pages, wheras a toner cartridge may print 2,500. Also, the printers themselves cost much more and often have few features.

    HP Photosmart printers are inkjet printers that do well at printing photos (in addition to regular document printing). They usually have many photo-oriented features such as a built-in display screen to view photos without a computer, on-printer editing features, and memory card slots for your digital camera's memory cards. Many of these printers also use individual cartridges for each color. This minimizes ink wastage.

    HP also makes Designjet (for high-quality photo and banner printing), Deskjet (cheap, single function printers), and Business Inkjet (business oriented printing, including photos and posters).

    Here are some examples of each of the printers you asked about:

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    Biggest difference:

    1) Cost

    2) Print quality

    3) Speed

    Laserjet printers are more expensive than deskjet. Their replacement cartridges are also more expensive. But you get a higher print quality and a higher speed of number of pages per minute output and a much longer cartridge life between replacement.

    Photosmart printers are engineered to give comparable quality printing to your photos as you would get if you went to a photo lab and downloaded your digital photos there.

    It depends on what you're going to use your printer for:

    1) primarily for photos, then get a photosmart

    2) low volume home use, get a deskjet

    3) high volume home use, get a laserjet (example: HP LaserJet CP1518ni)

    4) office atmosphere, get a color laserjet (example: HP LaserJet 4700dn)

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    A laserjet is a laser printer. It uses toner instead of ink. I think they're usually more expensive up front, but you save on black and white copies in the long haul. I'm not sure about the difference between officejet and deskjet printers. It's probably durability, since office printers usually handle a whole lot more work than a home printer would.

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    Officejet Vs Laserjet

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    The OfficeJet is an ink jet printer.

    The Laserjet is a laser printer.

    The Photosmart is an inkjet with 6 different ink colors for photos.

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    Laserjet Vs Inkjet

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    What the difference between hp officejet and hp laserjet!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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    OfficeJet is color printer and laserjet is black & white

    and for officeJet use ink cartridge and for laserjet use toner cartridge

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    i like laserjet very much

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