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does lebron ever play the PF...?

and if no why not? he's like 6'9 250 lbs just like Ben Wallace was when he played center for the Pistons and he was pretty good at it. Rodman was like 6'6 and he dominated, Barkley was the same.


yeah he does play a lot like a SG, but there are other PF who score a lot too like Dirk for example

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    yes he plays pf sometime when teams go small or are short teams like against washinton or new orleans. He alternates from pf to sf sometimes and against bigger teams and because of his freakish quickness he plays 2 guard sometimes also. When the go real small and quick he has even played center. Dirk nor barkley have the kind of athletic ability or versatility that lbj embodies.

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    But He Played SG

    Because Of His Playing Style

    Because He Scores Too Much

  • Yes he does.

    Mike Brown is trying to give a LeBron a big role at power forward in a small line-up this season.

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    He doesn't play it too often, but he should be able to.

    A true small forward should be able to play every postition without too much trouble.

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    he will not start at PF but if his team goes small he culd move to that position

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    he plays all positions i remem in 05 he played c for a game.

    but mostly he plays pg-pf.

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    Yeah but not as much

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