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Can someone explain the movie Secret Window to me please?

I watched it last night and i didn't understand a lick of it. Please help.


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    The man is too nice so when he caught his wife cheating on him he didnt know how to deal but he developed a split personality i.e Shooter. Notice the name Shooter sounds like shoot her because he wants to kill his wife for cheating. So at the end he does kill her and buries her in the garden under the secret window, hence the name of the movie. Shooter is his split personality that he made up in his mind.

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    Well to understand the movie, you might want to read the book first, Stephen King is emphamous for strange twists, in his stories. It's never who you think it's going to be lol. Yes Mort was the killer, he had a split personality and didn't realize it. Which is scary, considering there are people in this world, with that same condition. He was obsessed with changing the ending, because in the orginal version of his book, the cheating wife lived; the story was about his wife & that asshole she was banging.

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    He has a split personality. I think all of his darker thoughts and actions go to his alter ego, John Shooter. Once he gets the divorce from his wife, his darker side gets worse. He even imagines the confrontation with John Shooter himself on his front porch. Once he realizes everything, he accepts his darker side and kills his ex-wife and her husband.

    I think.

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    Basically the writer, Johnny Depp, developed multiple personalities after he split with his wife.

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    Johnny Depp has split personality disorder. The guy with the hat that keeps saying "you stole my story" is actually his other self. One of his personality's thinks the other personality stole his story. And he is really the one who kills all those people

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    its about a split personality. the guy has a mental illness and he cant accept his feelings so his mind creates an alter ego.

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