Survey : Do you have a crazy life ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, let's see... Friday I left for work at 12:30pm, and got home at 3:30am, after unexpectedly dropping in on friend on my way home, and sharing 2 bottles of red with her. Saturday, I was out the door by 8am, to see the Star Wars Exhibition in Sydney, and got home after 1:30, 'cos I had a friends birthday party. Sunday, out the door by 8am, to spend the day with my kids... yeah, that's crazy!

  • 4 years ago

    Whats your favorite song?: I can't answer that. Whats your favorite artist?: I can't answer that. What song do you want to play at your funeral?: Checked Out Early by Blair Crimmins & The Hookers If your life were a movie, the opening credit song would be?: I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness. What song describes your view on the world?: Blue Danube Waltz by Portsmouth Sinfonia. What is your favorite song lyric?: "I have no more to say to my ex-manager(slash)sea hag divorcee except eat s**t and die." What is the weirdest song you've ever heard?: Humpty Dumpty Dumped Me by Karen Hartman. What are first 5 songs that come on when you put your iPod on shuffle?: I took all the crap off my ipod, but I'll use a playlist. *You Dropped A Bomb On Me by The Gap Band *Alone by Heart *Good Times Gonna Come by Aqualung *Africa by Toto *Antarctic by Emilie Simon What is your favorite song?: I already answered that. What is a great song that not a lot of people know about?: I'm Picky by Shaka Ponk. How long do you listen to music every day?: Many hours. How many songs do you know?: At least 1,180+ What type of music do you listen to? Whatever I feel like at the time. Do you listen to music loud or quietly?: Quietly. I use headphones, and even then I keep it around 15-20. Do you listen to music to fall asleep?: No, it would distract me too much. How often do you listen to music?: Often. Do you think it rude to have on headphones in while someones talking?: Yes, and I take mine off when someone talks to me. Do your parents listen to the same music to you?: I think it's the other way around. Does your school play good music at dances?: I'm usually indifferent to whatever they pick, sometimes they'll play something I like though. Would you say music changes your mood?: Sure. * What's your favorite genre?: I can't decide. I think it switches every couple of days. * If you could choose any 2 artists to sing a duet, which ones?: Bat For Lashes and Blonde Redhead or The Builders And The Butchers and The Decemberists * Do you like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga better?: I don't know, I don't keep up with them much. * Opinions on how computerized most music is these days?: I think it depends on the genre. How many songs do you have on your iPod?: I took them off. Do you play an instrument?: No, I'm trying to learn how to play a dulcitar and didgeridoo though. Circular breathing kinda sucks to get right.

  • 1 decade ago

    Umm sometimes.

    Like, the other day, after school I had volleyball til 5:30. My mom picked me up, got home at 5:45 I had to take a shower, eat dinner, and get ready for this really big choir concert that I had. We had to be there by 7, so we had to leave at 6:45

    It was hectic

    But, most of the time, no. But then there's those days...

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I do have a crazy life and i think all the teenagers have one

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  • Mamta
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    1 decade ago

    Yeah! Over limit crazy life! ;p

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not sure. It could be its more....depressing? My grandma went to the ER yesterday i had to change schools and i hate my new one. Im kinda poor and i dont have a bf. lol so i mean i guess u could say its crazy sometimes when im with my friends but thats pretty much it.

  • 1 decade ago

    I did, with my school play rehearsals, horseriding and karate, but now the play is done, so I'm pretty relaxed now.

    But I'm taking up ice skating and ballroom dance soon, so I'd better appreciate what rest I have now!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Haha yes.

    On a regular summer day I walk 38123 miles with my skater friends, run away from crazy chinese ladies, people try to sell me to chinese food restaraunts for beer, Laughing at stupid things, throwing pine cones at cars, eating ramen for 23847823 hours straight..

    yeah thats my life, but Im a good kid I swear.

  • 1 decade ago

    i wouldn't reaally say that i have a crazy life....but everyone does have a crazy time at some point but not all the time!!! :D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes and the crazier the better, life is short make the best of it!

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