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Oyster Card Zone 1-3?

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Hi, I will be in London next week and would like to know how much would an Oyster Card cost me to travel for four days within zones 1, 2 and 3. I tried looking into tfl.gov.uk but ...show more
Update : Its for an adult (18+)
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Oyster is not some sort of travel pass and therefore there's no particular price tag for it for 4-days travelling.

Basically it's a card that you have credit in it, and the price of ticket, depending on where you've travelled, would automatically be deducted from the card as you tagged the card when you enter/exit the public transport system.

There is however a daily price cap, ie that will be the absolute maximum you'll pay per day, for using the public transport. If you use less than that, then you're charged only for what you use.

The current daily cap for zone 1-3 travel regardless on bus/tram/tube/DLR/overground is £7.50 for peak travel, and £5.40 for non-peak travel. (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/faresandti... )

Therefore, I guess the "max price", for 4 days, will be your maximum expenditure for public transport i.e. £30.00 and anything below that would be the best price possible according to your usage.


More info re Oyster Daily Price Capping - how it works
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  • Richard W answered 6 years ago
    To the person who said don't use paper tickets as they are much more expensive than oyster, I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

    If you go to a ticket office and ask them their advice, ANY clerk will tell you this same thing

    If you are only in London for four days, then I would avoid getting the oyster, unless you plan to visit regularly.

    To get the Oyster, you have to pay a £3 deposit, which is refundable if you give it in at a ticket office.
    Then, you have to charge it with money. Assuming you do not travel before 9.30am on mon-fri, the maximum charge for travelling in zones 1-3 is £5.40 (only 50p less than a paper ticket), but this is NOT A TRAVELCARD. Providing you register an entry and an exit for every journey, you shouldn't pay more than the maximum 'cap', however, if you do not register at one end of a journey (eg. you can't find a reader, the reader is not working, you go through a busy station and pass your card over the reader too fast for it to register but manage to get through behind the person in front - it happens all the time, etc) that 'unresolved' journey will cost you £4, and does NOT get included in the 'cap' rate.

    Also, if you DO travel before 9.30am mon-fri, the max capping rate for zones 1-3 is £7.50, even if you start at 09:29 and 59 seconds.

    Also, you didn't say what services you would be using. If you plan to use national rail (i.e anything other than the tube and bus networks) then you can forget Oyster completely, as they are not valid on most of these services yet, unless you have a 7-day travelcard (£28.40 - too expensive).

    So you see that you could end up spending a lot more than a paper ticket.
    I would recommend, for simplicity, to spend that extra 50p a day and get paper tickets - a lot more reliable, easier to use, and gives you more options.

    The ticket office WILL sell you an oyster for just four days, if you really want one, but they'll try and talk you out of it, since it's not generally the best for visitors.


    7 years working in a ticket office.
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  • DANIEL W answered 6 years ago
    You buy an Oyster Card and top-up with credit, For each journey you make you touch in (and out if on the Underground). There is a daily cap so you will never pay over that (unless you don't touch in or out). The shortest travelcard you can buy is seven days so you'll have to use pay-as-you-go.

    Don't even think of using paper tickets as they work out a lot more expensive.
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  • bramblette answered 6 years ago
    You can also get a travelcard for a week and not worry about how much credit you have, It's Ł30.20 no matter how much you travel between the zones. http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/faresandti...
    If you aren't going to commute much, choose an oyster card.
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  • qpr26 answered 6 years ago
    It will cost bestween £1.50 - £2.00 per trip if you are over 18.
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  • Suga Kid answered 6 years ago
    You didn't day how old you are so because im a kid the price to ravell is £1.50 and i think for a adult is £2
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  • Oyster Card Zone 1-3?
    Hi, I will be in London next week and would like to know how much would an Oyster Card cost me to travel for four days within zones 1, 2 and 3. I tried looking into tfl.gov.uk but couldn't get the best price.

    Thank you.
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