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What are some good dares for a small get together?

I am having a small slumber party in my backyard, in a tent and need some good dares. There will be three girls and two guys, i need ten and they cant include walking in the streets or anything like that.They must be funny!!



We are all about 15 - 16 years old

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    Here is some dares that are pretty fun!

    [1] PG-13 -- Chew up a mouthful of any meat you can find, then spit the contents of your mouth into the Chalice of Putrescence. Stir it with your finger when you are done.

    [2] PG-13 -- Choose two other players, and get a cup for each of you.

    The other two players get to each fill a glass with a substance of their choice, gargle their liquied, then spit the liquid into your cup.You must then take substance into your mouth, swish it and swallow. You must do this as many times as needed to drink all of it.

    [3] PG-13 -- If any other person in the group is willing to strip down to their underwear, you must do this as well. Strip at the same time.

    The other person may get dressed in one round, but you have to wait two.

    [4] PG-13 -- You shall be haunted by that which you desire, but shall never be yours. You must let this obsession go, or it will possess you. There is no future for you unless what you seek becomes your slave, not your master.

    [5] PG-13 -- You must select a person from the group, lick their bare stomach and then blow on their belly to make a loud farting noise.

    [6] X -- You must lay down and allow your partner to bind your hands and feet. Next you are to be blindfolded and a roll of socks (or gag) is placed firmly into your mouth.

    Your partner then performs the following stimulations on you, in order:

    1. Whip breasts.

    2. Lick nipples.

    3. Whip genitals.

    4. Lick genitals.

    5. Insert any object anally and leave it there.

    6. Pinch your nipples while vigorously giving oral sex.

    Continue with oral stimulation, but randomly slap their genitals. Do this until orgasm.

    [7] PG-13 -- Choose a random player of your same sex.

    Bend over, expose your underwear, and let this person smack your butt as hard as they want five times.

    They punisher should hit hard enough to make your skin red, but not enough to bruise or break the skin.

    Remain silent and in your punishment pose until your next turn.

    [8] PG-13 -- Go into the bathroom and move all of your underwear to the outside of your clothes. Leave them there for the remainder of the game. If you get this dare again, put them back in their "normal" location.

    [9] PG-13 -- You are the mirror borne, one of reflection and contradiction. You will soon become what you are not, and what once were, shall be your reflection. Your life will be a complete opposite of what it is now, and shall turn as this once every seven years henceforth.

    [10] X -- Take a moderate quantity of hand lotion, white lube, or semen and allow your partner to smear it anywhere on your body that they wish.

    You must then go to either a drive through, park, or any public place and let people see you with the "semen" noticably on your clothes or body.

    [11] R -- Go into another room and completely disrobe. Now create an outfit using nothing but clear plastic wrap.

    You must wear this outfit in front of the group for 2 rounds.

    [12] PG-13 -- You are embraced by the Void. There is no future for you, or it is beyond my sight. Change your ways immediately, lest you begin to fade from this world. The Void will ebb and flow as the tide, but once it sweeps you under, not even your footprints will remain.

    [13] PG-13 -- Give the person on the closest right of you a quick kiss. Nothing too intense, please!

    [14] G -- Stand up, place your hands at your side. The group now must mummify you using 1 COMPLETE roll of toilet paper.

    [15] R -- Have your partner get down on all fours, their legs slightly spread apart.

    Use one hand to rub their butt and stimulate their genitals from behind.

    Use your other hand to rub their chest and stimulate their genitals form the underside.

    Enjoy playing with their body and the different way it "hangs" for 3 minutes.

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    Well a slumber party with three girls and two guys is very freaky to me lol. you really don't want to here my dares...if you know what i mean.

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    the dare is to kiss the girl

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    1. see how many fingers you can put in your butt (my fav)

    2. see who can drink the most bleach

    3. see who can breathe underwater the longest

    4. see who can give themself a 69

    5. balls in mouth

    6. see who can hit each other hardest

    7. see who can teabag mom and dad while they sleep without getting caught

    8. see who can get the most kills on shipment playing headquarters

    9. see whos gayest

    182. prank call the church claiming to be the antichrist

    11. smoke weed

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    girl kissing girl is always an old favorite, guy+girl+girl also works

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    I dare you to lick (one of the girls there) crusty heel .. WITH PENUTBUTTER!

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    That all depends on your age. :)

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