What Church is the true church of Joseph Smith?

Is it the Community of Christ or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Both started off the same. But the Community of Christ was actually led by 5 direct descendants of the Prophet Joseph Smith. That leads me to believe that is the true Mormon Church. But the LDS church is much larger. What church would Joseph Smith attend today if he were alive?

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    There are more than just two churches claiming authority from Joseph Smith. You only listed the two largest.

    We essentially have three denominations in Mormonism which further break down to over a hundred sects.

    Brighamites: Those that accepted Brigham Young as the successor to Smith and followed him to Utah.

    "Prairie Saints": Those that later on (near 1860) accepted Joseph Smith III as the successor to his father and stayed in the Missouri area.

    Strangites: Those that accepted James Strang as the successor to Smith and followed him to Wisconsin.

    The largest of the Brighamites is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (in SLC Utah)

    The largest of the Prairie Saints is the Reorganized Church (AKA the Community of Christ) in Independence Missouri.

    The largest of the Strangite churches is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (notice the lack of a hyphen). This church is headed in Voree Wisconsin.

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    There is no Church of Joseph Smith, that I am aware of. Why would anyone worship Joseph? He was just a prophet, a man.

    Which church would he attend - propbaby the one he organized. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Who says the authority is only passed through direct descendants? God picks the prophets, not their "lineage".

    Were all the Biblical prophets of the same line??

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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith. The Community of Christ was not.

    The LDS church had a designated hierarchy of it's leadership. Once Joseph Smith was assassinated, the senior member took his place. This was Brigham Young. No where in LDS theology does it state that church leadership should follow bloodlines.

    Additionally the Community of Christ broke this rule when one of their leaders had no sons, only daughters. They also renounced the Book of Mormon to get additional funding from other Christian groups and changed their name for the same reason (it was RLDS).

    By your fruits shall ye know them.

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    The church of jesus christ of latter-day saints is the original church when Joseph Smith died, however, the descendants of Joseph Smith and his wife Emma argued about who was the next prophet and branched off. That's why there are two.

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    James unusual has been long debunked.. His letter is a pretend and so is all of his different guides he became not the real successor Brigham youthful became the real successor of Joseph Smith so definite the fashionable LDS Church Headquarted in Salt Lake city is the real Successor of the Prophet and the Church Of Christ... I easily have been on the Strangite website and the guides on there are interesting yet there not from God or the real prophet and lots on that website has been debunked via modern LDS scholars and Mainstream Secular scholars

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    There is a specific order by which the priesthood authority and responsibility was to be passed on. The church was established and it was and has been very orderly. The official LDS church is the way that authority and leadership has been passed on.

    Only certain people had the priesthood authority and authority from God to decide the next Prophet. Joseph Smith would have gone along with those that had the authority to do this.

    He would have agreed with the official LDS church on the selection of Brigham Young and the way the authority was passed on after that.

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    lds i live were joseph smith came i live in utah and lds is the true church of joseph smith

    Source(s): i live in utah and i am lds
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    Smith would join the FLDS. They practice a form of Mormonism closest to what he instituted (including polygamy).

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    in my opinion every Mormon church is a corrupted organization.

    however the priesthood shall remain on the earth until the lord returns. that means authority.

    who has the authority? it is clear to me that most who are ordained do not always have authority. or it is very limited, which means the church*es as a whole are not all celestial in their glory.

    the LDS church has the tradition of revelation and confirmation among the saints. the contention among his direct descendants is that once the commandment of plural marriage was overturned to there was no longer any direct revelation. also, blood does not always equal divine authority. and being a chosen people by name does not always equal chosen by God.

    One makes a man a prophet of god, is his covenants, his sanctification and his justification by faith. eternal faith is not just a simple faith of declaring ones beliefs

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