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ka hei asked in 科學及數學生物學 · 1 decade ago

A problem about evolution

What is the importance and limitation as fossil recond of studying evolution?

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    Evolution has a very important assumption that species can be evoluted to another species, and to prove this it requires a chain of species from the most basic one to the most complex one. If one can find the fossil record of all the species in the chain, it will be a good supporting for evolution. However, up to this moment, there is no such missing links found. Moreover, base on evolution assumption, changes from one species to another should be a very minor change, so in other words, the number of intermediate species should be a lot, and the findings so far do not support this argument. The observation of today's reproduction also do not support that. For example, some scientists claims that human was developed from certain species of money many millions years ago, but we don't observe any changes of any species of moneys after several generations of monkey. Some scientists also like to use fruit flies for certain kind of experiment because each generation is very short and can quickly produce results. However, after many many many generations of fruit flies, there is still no change (or evolution) observed. Please note that the number of generations that can produce can be more than the number of generations that monkey can carry out in millions of years. Due to this missing link in fossil record, evolution's supporting reason is still very weak, but the interesting point is that people are teaching and children are studying evolution in the way that they believe it is already proven which is far from the reality.

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    Secondly, due to evolution requires a very long time to make changes happen and observable, it has another major requirement that the life of the earth must be very long.

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    I remember that 20 years ago, people said that the earth was borned 2 billion years ago. Now, people said that, the earth was borned 4.5 billion years ago.

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    But no matter how, the requirement must be a very long time and different species should be appear in different time,

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    and this has another requirement that fossil records should be recorded at different time, and this makes some scientists create different time span for different rocks and fossil based on the assumption of evolution.

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    However, some other scientists make use use of the artifical created timespan to prove evolution, which is clearly a mistake

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    Up to now, when a fossil record is produced is still based on the assumption of evolution, and actually this limits it ability to support evolution as this is actually a circular prove

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    Fossil record can only shows that a particular species was on the earth at some time, but what is the actual time still need scientists to find some other methodology (which should not depend on evolution) to determine

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    Some scientists actually have another viewpoint and think that the earth is actually not that old. They use some other methodologies and obtain some other results on the age of the earth

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