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    External featuresTaiwan's monkey head is slightly rounded, flat face, a bare forehead,cheek long brown mustache looks like a scarf, and, as the maindust-color hair, but there will be individual differences amongindividuals, and some black-or Pianhuang .Issued by the bare cheek pouch, eating monkey moves very quickly, toolate to stop what could be stored in the jaw bone at the bottom of thecheek pouch, so the bulging cheeks often.

    Xianlaiwushi, they will shoulder top-cheek pouch, introduced to the food, taste carefully.There are two major hip Roudian, known as the "corpus callosum", for the thick horny skin.HabitsLike monkeys of social life, their community is very organized, veryclear distinction between priority, there is a monkey head and three orfour deputy head of a monkey, observe their own positions, the head ofthe monkey is the responsibility of the command against a foreignenemy, the choice of habitat Naughty does not disobedient and lessonsof small monkeys.

    Taiwan monkeys are very smart and he likes to clean animals, at alltimes in the evening every day, the head of a monkey with a group ofmonkeys must be down to the river to bathe, and the head is always inthe hands of a monkey holding a long tree branches to move forwardalong the road to beat around It is to detect and remove the trapBushou used.

    The monkeys living habits are fixed.

    That is, they left the overnight dawn, under the leadership of the Monkey King, started the day chasing food.

    9:00 in the morning before breakfast is the time; is at rest and socialtime, "Li Mao," monkeys are a favorite social activities;"cross-riding" until some action is not mating, the monkey will learnfrom David Imitation.

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    In the afternoon, they will be seed money to start again, to eat all the way back to overnight.


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    The monkey is the staple food plants, whether it stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, they can bark Yao Gan Zhi RU Yi.

    In case of insects, termites, shellfish, eggs and even cellular, they do not eat as false.

    The reasons for extinction

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    Japan occupied Taiwan's era, Taiwan has been a large number of monkeys for medical experiments to capture, the number of wild monkeys greatly reduced.

    Because hunters are now hunting for wild mountain products food restaurants,

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    and forest areas Lanken, a large-scale development of the road, making Taiwan the monkeys live and to have been seriously damaged, Taiwan monkeys are endangered species on the brink!

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