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根據Health Research International (HRI)

研究顯示,2005 年全球醫療器材,包括診斷器材產業市場約為美金2,200億元,但預估五年後,市場規模將突破美金3,200 億元



我國行政院衛生署「藥事法」第13 條「醫療器材」係指包括診斷、治療、減輕或直接預防人類疾病,或足以影響人類身體結構及機能之儀器、器械、用具及其附件、配件(含軟體)、零件。因此,醫療器材產業係指產製可用於診斷、治療、減輕或直接預防人類疾病,或足以影響人類


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    The medical supplies industry is a conformity biomedicine, the material, the machinery, electronic and the capital communication and so on cross domain technology livelihood of the people essential industry. Is following the economic development and the level of living enhancement, the advanced age society approaches, chronic illness population to increase with the health looks after the demand to increase rapidly, in the future the medical supplies industry will present the high growth the trend of development.


    According to Health Research International (HRI)

    The research demonstrated that in 2005 whole world medical supplies, including diagnosis equipment industry market approximately for a dollar 2,200 hundred million Yuan, but estimates five years later, the market size will top a dollar 3,200 hundred million Yuan

    The parsing technique domain category, the whole world medical supplies market may differentiate for in vitro diagnosis and the examination, the cardiovascular treatment, the diagnosis phantom equipment, consumes the material including the phantom, but not including negative and information system and orthopedics equipment and so on. In the future will have the development potential important medical supplies product mainly to include the heart rhythm management equipment higher order member diagnosis, the vertebra and the joint implants orthopedics products, the nerve regulation equipment and so on thing,

    The sleep stops the equipment and the endoscope and so on.



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    The industry of medical device is the people’s livelihood industry that coordinates medicine, material, electronics and information technology fields. Accompany higher economics and levels of living with the aging population society, a chronic disease and fast increment of health care requirement. The trend of medical device industry will grow up rapidly.

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