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八年的感情 經過風雨 我將成為你的新娘



你很愛她 卻不能沒有我 這種矛盾的愛情 不是我要的

我們是親情 不能沒有彼此 你們是愛情 那她呢?

你們相愛 那我呢?

我不是最幸福 但一定會是最美麗的新娘吧?

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    We have been together for eight years, no matter we experenced

    a hard time. Finally, I will be your bride.

    I thought "happy" will occupy my mind.

    But it is flurry and blank instead.

    You love her so much, but can't without me.What a conflicting love it is ! This is not what I want...

    Our love just like the feeling of family, we can't leave each other.

    "Yours" is love, what about her?

    You love each other ,have you thought about me??

    Maybe I am not the happiest bride.

    But I will be the most beautiful bride...


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    The eight year sentiment,

    we facing many setback,

    i will be your wife,

    I thought that happy will occupy my atrium,

    but actually flurried and feels helpless occupies first,

    you love her .nevertheless,you can't to lose me,

    These contradictory love are not which I want ,

    we are family,

    cannot to separate ,

    she with you is affection, then she?

    you fall in love with she, Then I what to do?

    I am not happiest, but can certainly be the most beautiful,is it?

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    In 8 years, our affection has been through a big time.

    I am going to be your bride

    I thought I would be happy

    but in turns of panic and emptiness.

    You can't live without me but loves her so much, I don't want this conflict love.

    We are like family, can't live without each other; yours is love, so what about her?

    You love each other, so what about me?

    I may be not the happinest but must be the most beautiful bride, right?

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    big time 改成 a lot difficutlies.

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    Eight year sentiment I will become you after the wind and rain the bride I to think that happy will occupy my atrium but actually will be fills up you with the blank very to love us who she actually cannot I this kind of contradictory love not be I wants is first flurriedly the dear ones can each other you not be love that she? You fall in love with that me? I am not happiest, but can certainly be the most beautiful bride?

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    The emotions of eight years Through the trials and hardship I will become your bride

    I thought happy that will occupy me Atrium

    It is fill-uped with the blank first but flurried

    You love her very much But can't have no me Love of this kind of contradiction It is not what I want

    We whether kindred can have each other you love she those?

    My woolen cloth of that in love of yours?

    It is the happiest that I am not but be the bride most beautiful?

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