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Your stance on abortion?

Okay, well, I was looking through resolved questions on YA earlier and came across one on abortion stance. I liked all the answers I read there, and I'd like a couple more.

So, what's your stance on abortion? (Don't fret, I'll give mine in about ten minutes.)


Actually, I've formed enough of an opinion to not have to worry about others to write a paper dear. Plus, what would a college professor care about the opinions of a bunch of random screennames online?

Anyways, I'm completely, 100% pro-choice. I feel that it is the woman's right to choose. Now, I don't shove this opinion in everyone's face either. I personally think making "protests" in front of abortion clinics should be illegal. I understand the free speech thing, but shoving your opinion down my throat? Bugger off.

I don't see getting an abortion as being irresponsible, I see it as being completely responsible. Mistakes do happen, and if we were condemned for all of our mistakes, humanity, as we know it, would cease to exist.

Therefore, my opinion is, no matter the rhyme or reason, mistake or not, it should be legal, because the government shouldn't be able to control what happens with my body. Totalitarianism/communism anyone?

Update 2:

To those of you complaining "This has been asked beforeeee!"

You're welcome for your two points that you earned for whining.

Update 3:

Thank you, Johnathan F. I couldn't agree more! In fact, in my experience, the bulk of teenagers who were "pro-life" changed their minds the second they were pregannt. Hypocrisy ftw.

And for those of you saying "It hasn't seen life yet." Well, wouldn't it be better to be killed before experiencing life than to die seconds after you hear your mothers voice for the first time, barely make out her face, but know you love her with all your heart? You might call it cruel, but I call it practical to end a life before it has a chance to experience love and true emotion.

Update 4:

Okay, so mistakes don't happen? Accidents don't happen? You know, teenagers aren't the only people who have abortions, they're just the widest target group for crap about it. Accidents can happen. Pregnancies occur even when condoms and birth control pills are used. Fail on that.

My mom should've aborted me? Well, aren't you a tad closed minded? BTW, God doesn't exist to me. He is merely a fable.

To add more to my conversation, why is it right to have an abortion when the situation is rape/incest? What about the mother? What if the mother has health concerns and cannot carry a child to full term? Why does abortion stop being murder for rape/incest victims? How does it stop being wrong? But it's wrong to the married couples (and even teenagers!) who don't want a child, but used protection to begin with.

I disagree. Majorly =/

Alas, to each his own I reckon.

Update 5:

Really, e-threatening? It's come to that? You're threatening me with physical harm because you disagree with my opinion, something I'm perfectly entitled to have, just as you are?

You, ma'am, are pathetic.

Update 6:

How am I shoving my opinion down anyone's throat? I'm pro-choice, and I'm trying to better understand the opinion of a pro-lifer. Plus, a little debate never hurt anyone.

Also, I didn't say god is a myth, but thanks for putting words in my mouth. I said god is a fable to ME. Meaning I don't believe in God. I'm Atheist.

Also, iirc, it depends on the state whether or not the murderer of a pregnant woman is charged with two counts of murder. I'm going to go research that now.

Update 7:

Dear Pudding Queen: No, I had nothing better to do. This question was posted at 1:30AM EST. What else was I going to do? And in fact, I'm eighteen years old. And I don't care what people say about my religious beliefs, to be quite honest, because it's just as controversial as the next. I'm sorry, if you didn't want to debate a controversial issue, well, no one asked you to answer this question either.

Nikki; I completely agree. Murder is murder, and murder is wrong, so why is it okay for someone who was forced, but not for someone who chose? I thought the idea here wasn't to punish the fetuses - after all, they didn't choose to be conceived, it just happened! My problem is that no one ever seems to care about the mother. Even with carrying a child to full term for adoption, with certain diseases (diabetes, AIDS, respiratory probs) it can be difficult, but no one seems to care. Those of us with those diseases, are we not supposed to have sex, because of this? I disagree =/

Update 8:

Hopefully my last edit: For those of you saying "wait until you're married", are you implying that married women can't have abortions? Or that they don't want abortions? News flash, not every woman wants children, and if you're implying that we should deny our wants for sex and pleasure because of children, then that is ludicrous. Also, there may be a time in a marriage where both parties aren't ready for a child. People seem blind to the idea of abortion within marriage.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It all depends on whether one considers the conceptus to be a human life or not, and whether it is considered to be part of the woman's body or a separate being before birth. I say, if it is in the best interest of all related parties to abort the fetus, then that is what should be done.

    And honestly? I bet most of the women who are pro-life have never had to deal with that situation. If they had to, they would most likely be singing a different tune.

  • 1 decade ago

    In my opinion life starts at conception and to kill a baby before it's born, no matter what time of the pregnancy, its abortion. I've grown up in a christian family (still growing up in a christian family), i know you said you are athiest, but these are just my beliefs, they really instilled in me the facts on murder and life. the importance and problems with both.

    I think that you are right, abortions are common in teenagers and that it's because of stupid mistakes--all the more reason to wait to have sex until your married.

    I did a paper on abortion once for school, now I didn't get all the facts because who really can, but it just all seems to horrible. the dosings they give to kill the baby, partial births etc. its too cruel.

    I know that you said most teens who are pro-life turn pro-choice once they become pregnant and i agree with that, but i'm an exception. i'd give birth to my baby if i ever get pregnant during my teen years (which i'm in) however i wouldn't keep the baby, i'd give it up for adoption because i know that in my town there are several people waiting for a baby. i could never keep a baby during my teen years no matter how much i loved it, it would just be stupid when so many years are ahead in my life and with allthe people who would want a child of their own.

    you brought up the rape factor, and i think abortion is STILL WRONG when you bring that up. yes being raped is an unpleasant experience, but it doesn't mean you have to end the life of a baby who did nothing to deserve death. and when mother and baby are 100% not going to make it during the pregnancy and an abortion could save the life of the mother then its okay (if and only if there is no chance of survival on either part while carrying the baby) but if there is the slightest glimmer of hope, why give up? take the chance and try giving another human being life.

    anyway those are my beliefs, some can call me stupid, but that's that and i'm not backing down on what i think is right.

    hope this helped, good luck on finding more info on the state/murder thing.

  • Kiri
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think people ought to make a habit of it, but if someone does not have the money, maturity or willingness to have a child, then they shouldn't have the child & raise it in misery. I know they can give the child up for adoption, but I can understand some women not wanting to go through the pregnancy if they're not going to keep a baby. I think anti-abortionists are focussing on life in a purely physical sense, whereas pro-choice are focussed on quality of life. So really, both are concerned about humanity. Therefore both have the right idea. People think being for abortion is about wanting to murder - but it's about wanting to prevent potential suffering.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    I think cgurls answer is the most hypocritical answer I've ever read. She wants to kill you, but isn't that the opposite of what pro life people believe in? And it's funny, because she's a parent, and obviously a very immature one..I've got to question her parenting skills.

    But I'm 100% pro choice. And to people who say its not a type of birth control, that's exactly what it is.. it is preventing someone from having a child. I don't think people should get multiple abortions, if that's what they mean, but yes, it is a kind of birth control- a mighty expensive one at that. I don't think anyone who is dumb enough to have unprotected sex when they don't want a baby, deserves a baby. And not all babies are conceived through unprotected sex, my cousin was conceived through both a condom and birth people, shove that up your asses, NOTHING IS 100% and sometimes, it has nothing to do with irresponsibility.

    EDIT: Why are so many people on here saying 'i'm pro life!! yeah!!' but say 'its only okay if the girl is raped.' umm.. a fetus conceived through rape is going to look the exact same as a fetus conceived consensually. If I held up an ultrasound of a rape fetus and one of a consensual fetus, they would look like fetuses. By your saying that, you're implying that you don't give a damn about the fetus, just about punishing women for having sex lives. Pro-life is pro-life, with no exceptions. Get your shyt straight or stop talking about something you know nothing about.

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    5 years ago

    My rabbi made a assertion approximately this basically recently. He suggested in basic terms God has the ability to take a existence away. that's not our perfect to end a existence-- even for terminally unwell sufferers. in basic terms God supplies existence and in basic terms he can take it away. i might additionally argue that a new child conceived however rape ought to additionally be stored (somewhat than aborted.) that's not the youngster's fault that it became conceived in one in each and every of those violent and terrible way. i think of a woman (by using medical care) ought to comprehend that the violence finished to them should not be revisited on the youngster she's donning. you are able to disagree with me in this, and that i comprehend that's arguable. i think of in an perfect international-- women human beings might study approximately start administration so that they does no longer exchange into mothers till they are waiting to help those teenagers financially. If a woman is pondering abortion, she ought to settle for counseling and given the fact approximately the two ideas. in my view-- i does no longer opt to have an abortion putting over my head on Judgment day. i might opt to place a toddler up for adoption and have a sparkling judgment of right and incorrect as quickly as I meet God. i think of many women folk human beings are not taught the information approximately how the fetus develops. At 7 weeks the midsection starts off beating. What happens if a coronary heart is prevented from beating? is that this homicide or no longer? There are no longer any uncomplicated solutions to this arguable project. i'm hoping you will a minimum of evaluate my perspectives. of direction, my view is colored by utilising my faith and my perception that God punishes human beings in the event that they have interaction in undesirable activities/strikes on earth. If a woman would not have faith in God, or would not have faith in heaven or hell, she probably won't think of there are any lasting consequences for abortion.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is really simple actually.. Were you human 3 years ago? were you who you are now? .. what about 5 years ago.. what about when you were 2 years old.. were you human? Yes.. of course, when you were a fetus you were still you.. genetically speaking a fetus is NOT the "woman's body" it is scientifically and genetically a new human being, sustained only by life support supplied by the woman (like a scuba diver in the ocean with an oxygen tank) Take away the scuba divers oxygen and it's murder, kill the fetus and it is murder. It is really really easy to logically and scientifically deduct this to determine it is ethically wrong to abort. God or no God, it is still what it is, murder. It is no different from killiing a 3 year old, 13 year old 25 year old 56 year old or 100 year old. The only ones who support it are ignorant and selfish.

    Think it through people, use logic, reasoning.. what happened to humans. Have they lost all reasoning??

    Source(s): Logic/Science
  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on the situation...

    Sooo yeah I go to a catholic high school so they basically push down my throat that abortions are bad and they literally have signs in the hallways lol but I am pro choice.

    I am pro choice because of the cruel world we have today. In some parts of the world young girls get raped and some get pregnant. Sooo lets say this girl was 11 (its possible) and she was raped and now her parents want her to have the baby. These are the things in her life she has to go through in her life.

    1) Going through being raped

    2) Drop out of school

    3) Sometimes being cut off from friends

    4) Go through pregnancy, all the unglamerous parts like morning sickness and stuff

    5) go through the birth process and after part and stuff

    All before she is 12

    Wow thats def. how I wanna start out my life.

    People that are absolutely pro life no matter what annoy me because its fine if that's how you feel but when you bother other people about it I feel like this.

    If you don't like abortions DON'T HAVE ONE! Government shouldn't be allowed to tell women what to do with their bodies. Also, this may sound bad but I don't think the boyfriend or whatever has an opinion about the keeping of the baby it should be the MOTHER's choice. End of story.

    Not that I think that if the women was 28 and got knocked up by her boyfriend she should have an abortion, I mean there should be laws that protect the right of young girls. I am so glad Sarah Palin is not our vp. Her parenting skills are just WOW. Anyway please respect my opinion as I respect yours. Thanks for reading all this lol, I know I wrote a lot. I'm kinda embarrassed now lol.


    Source(s): If you don't feel like reading this....I agree completly with Brylee S =]
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    1 decade ago

    It is basically that persons choice though. I think that people who have been raped and want to get an abortion should be able to no matter what. (if they want too)

    I think that if abortion would be illegal it wouldn't make a difference, people would still find a way to get rid of the child. Maybe wait until they give birth and then do harm.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am from England and there it is a very private matter. It never seems to be discussed in public like in the US.

    I believe this is a personal decision and should be made by the woman alone, it could affect her for the next 20 years and the circumstances of the pregnancy may be terrible.

    I always wonder why those who beat their chests about this are not adopting lots of children.

    Private matter is what I think. I am sure I am going to get a thumbs down for this, but I am sorry if this offends anyone

  • 1 decade ago

    Before my daughter and this second pregnancy I didn't really care and thought it was a choice.

    Now it's different, there is life inside me again and at only 6 weeks I saw their tiny heartbeats and now I see the wonderful little person my daughter is growing up to be. My heart sinks when I hear of abortion, I don't even want to think of it, especially when I see my daughters beautiful face and her daddy cuddling on the couch. To think somebody can take a life like that is disgusting. We humans have no right to decide who lives and who dies, just like what we are doing to this earth by killing it,

    it is the same thing, we try to rule, but

    should we?

    I could never think of doing such a thing and it would take a lifetime and more to forgive myself if I ever did.

    However if a woman is raped or in serious jeopardy for her life that is a different story. But still a heartbreaking one.

    Your right it should be legal but that does not make it still moral. And if you do mistakes then YES you should have to pay for them. The pagan rule of three. Life is a circle my friend and one day or in anouther life you will have to pay.

    By the way, are you a mother, have you had life inside you, if you have not than you shouldn't be giving opinions such as these until you experienced them for yourself

    Speaking of opinions, you say people are shoving them down your throat, but what is it you just did writing all that up there?? You did the same thing everybody else did you shoved your opinion down our throats and called us names in the process. You didn't make yourself look very good. You made yourself look like an a**

    If you can't take the heat of the answers people are going to give you don't ask questions here on yahoo

    Let me start anouther debate,

    Do you think it's right to have an opinion on somthing you have NEVER exereinced?? I personally don't think so , unless you have gone through it yourself you shouldn't make judgments on other people.

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