I need major help!!!!! pleaseeee!!!?

okay so i have a oral book presentation due on this book tommarrow and i really dont understand a thing about it.

so i have to present in front of my class the setting, protagonist, antagonist, major characters, theme, climax,& plot summery.

so please help me out im so stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and its not on spark notes

so please someone somehow help me out!!!!



i have not read the book!

and its not on spark notes

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    setting: California's Salinas River valley

    main characters:

    Henry Allen - owner of foothill ranch east of Salinas

    Elisa - Henry's 35-year-old wife

    Scotty - Henry's ranch hand a tinker unnamed visitor to the ranch

    Mary Teller - designer of the garden

    Harry E. Teller - husband of Mary

    Dr. Phillips - owner of a marine laboratory in Monterey a woman unnamed visitor to the lab.

    Mama Torres - widow

    Emilio - her 12-year-old black boy

    Rosy - her 14-year-old black girl

    Pepé - her 19-year-old indian son

    Peter Randall - respected rancher, nearing fifty

    Emma Randall - Peter's eighty-seven lb wife

    Mrs. Chappell - their next farm neighbor

    Dr. Marn - their physician

    Miss Jack- a nurse

    Ed Chappell - Peter's friend

    Clark DeWitt -another respected rancher

    that's all i got. hope i helped and good luck on the project

    Source(s): and this website shows the summary you want: http://www.ac.wwu.edu/~stephan/Steinbeck/long.html
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    Edit: I see you say you didn't read the book. In all honesty, it would be cheating for me to do your homework therefore I can't do it in good conscience. Face up to your problem and tell your teacher you didn't do your homework. Maybe you have a good excuse. If not, suffer the consequences if you're an honest person and you'll be much happier for it in the long run.

    If you read the book, go through each item that you just mentioned and write it out. The hardest part will be the plot summary. But when you break that down it won't be so difficult.

    Every story has an inciting incident that starts the story. If you've read the book you can easily detect where this is and describe it. You'll then know the goals of the major characters and their character arcs. Explain what their goals are and how they try to reach them. Then explain the largest obstacle to their goals and how they do or do not overcome it. That is the climax. After you do this, think about the climax and what it means to you. That will be the theme. Explain how you feel after you reflect on that meaning.

    If you haven't read the story, then you need to explain to your teacher that you didn't do your homework and suffer the consequences if necessary. Otherwise, you could possibly make up the class later.

    Story Tutorials:


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