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did anyone else notice the sexual references in Merry X-mas Drake and Josh!?

quotes from the movie: (these are just a few)

"this is my sack....of toys :)"

"you stick logs in her right here. and she spits out all kinds of wood chips"

"but it's warm. it's like honey dew. i wanna rub it."

"never put your finger in me again!"

"i gotta get the soap off my head"

"Ello i'm perry. i'd like some mustard on my wiener"

"Oh yeah. He was santa's sack."

"She pulverizes everything i put in her. Everything."

Also...... Scenes from the movie:

Drake and Josh's Parents were in the hut when the dad smashes a coconut by his crotch and white fluid flies at the moms face they show her face. it looks like *** the same scene, the lobster pinches on to the dad's crotch. the dad runs down the beach and from the back, as he gets farther away all you can see is a "thing" dangling in between his legs. if you didnt know it was a lobster, you'd think it was a penis

the scene where drake and josh are stripped of their clothes, josh gets behind drake and drake has the tickets from the police on his nipples.

they go to the movies and the scene starts with the guy that works there holding a measuring tape up to a corn dog shaped like a penis.

the "foreign" boy holds up a pair of underwear and hints at something in some other language. later in the movie, he licks a pinnaple randomly in a very sexual way.

these are just some. its funny but sad that they can put this sh*t into G-rated movies that kids ALL over the world watch and pick up on. but still, funny stuff. any comments?

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    it seems like you have a lot of free time..

    & no, i didnt notice all thos

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