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Multiple anti spyware, malware adaware programs ?

I have downloaded a few freeware anti spyware malware and adware cause i cbf to buy something. Right now im on Vista, and i have

1) OneCare (Came free with computer)

2) AdAWARE2008 (my first freeware i downloaded :])

3) MalwareBytes (Friend gave me this

4) Spybot - Search and Destroy

5) AVG Antivirus free

6) Avira Antivirus Personal

So i was wondering if that is bad for my computer? and is it ok to have them all sanning at one time?? or do i have to make them scan seperately each time?


Oh yeah, if you wanted to know where i got them from, it was from a microsoft website link..

Here :) have fun and thanx for answerin

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    You may only have one antivirus

    Having more than one antivirus will use up more memory and will cause alot of false positives

    You can have more than one antispyware though

    So here is what you should do

    You can keep Malwarebytes AntiMalware(awesome program btw)

    Spybot Search and Destroy

    Adaware 2008

    No conflicts there

    But the conflicts are


    AVG antivirus free

    Avira Antivir Free

    It's your personal preference on what two programs you should uninstall

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    You must only EVER have one anti-virus running at a time. Just running 2 causes each to see the other as a possible attack and blocks it. This reduces security by up to 60%.

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