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Fable 2 exp Glitch...HELP!?


So I Started a new character on fable 2 and decided to try out the EXP glitch... But I can't get it to work. I go to the house (Monster Manor) and sleep then a note comes up saying I have a EXP physic Boost. so I go into attributes to sell it but its not there! its just blank with no stars by it... Please help!

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    They patched it but i know how to get rid off it.

    1. go to my xbox

    2.go on sytem settings

    3. click on memory

    4. press Y to bring up device options

    5. now press the following buttons in this order. X,X,LB,RB,X,X.

    6. Click on yes (this will remove all your updates for all your games, so u will need update your games next time you go on them)

    7. load up fable 2 and don't update

    8. now the glitch should work but to go back on xbox live you will have to update so get allthe XP in one go. :):)

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    They fixed that glitch, but if you have a second controller and make a mercenary and give all gold and exp to you and unlearn all the mercenaries skills and quit your main guy will get the exp when the mercenary leaves.

    Source(s): I did the glitch
  • Lankey
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    This bug was fixed with the first fable 2 patch

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