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i play flute and i want to play violin?

i play flute and i want to play violin will it be hard to play both i played flute for about 5 years and i want to learn to play violin but my parents dont let me . they think it would inter fear with my flute playing. will it? im confunnsed i need help

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    Well I play flute, too. :] I've been playing for about 4 years or so... and I recently learned how to play guitar over the summer. Ironically, I was about to learn how to play violin, but I chose guitar instead.

    Anyways, no. It didn't interfere with my flute playing. But, I think it does, in a way. Not with the technique/embouchure/fingerings or anything like that... It can be kind of distracting, in a way. Somedays I just want to play guitar, and somedays I just want to play flute.

    I guess it can interfere in that way, but I don't think it would be "wrong" to play violin and flute. I think you should because... well it's fun. :P

    Anyways, hope it helped!

    EDIT: The person above me is right... When I learned how to play guitar, I had to learn chords, etc... but really, it's not that hard. I'm sure violin won't be that hard either, if you're really good at flute... which I assume you are, since you've played for 5 years.

    Source(s): I'm into music, too - flute, piano, guitar, and a little bit of vocals. :]
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    I think it wouldn't interfere at all. First off, violin is obviously much different than the flute technically, but they operate in the same clef, so you don't even have to learn any new notes! Second, maybe you will find that you like violin even more than the flute and it will just help you in your love and pursuit of music. I play the violin, piano, guitar, mandolin, and sing, and I can honestly say, learning more instruments just makes me enjoy whatever I'm doing that much more! (Plus, if you learn violin, it opens up possibilities for basically any stringed instrument!) If it's what you really want to do, just prove to them that you will be dedicated to both! Good luck! ^_^

    Source(s): I'm a musician too.
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    I play both of these, actually! Truly, I do. And it will not interfere at all. When you practice flute, practice your violin, too. And playing one of these will help you with the other- they have about the same musical range. They are both incredibly fun and easy to learn!

    Source(s): Fellow flutist! Violinist, too!
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    No, it won't interfere with your flute playing as long as you keep practicing both, but it is a totally different instrument. You have to learn using strings, chords, etc.

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