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Why do ppl hate twilight?

its a good book read it b4 u hate

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    I have, I've read them all...and it just makes no sense. All these girls are obsessed with a fictional character. He will not come out of the book and marry you. Stephenie Meyer is making Bella always look like the damsel in distress, and Edward must always be there to save her, and really, I could basically sum up the whole story in a sentence. Girl meets vampire, they fall in love, bad vampire comes looking for Bella because her blood smells good, he dies. Pretty predictable. As previously noted, Twilight is just a fad, and if you want to be cool, you must read it. I'll go all confessional for a moment, I actually did used to enjoy Twilight, but I got some sense knocked into me. It's highly over rated, and people need to stop thinking vampires exist. Some girls won't even date because the guy doesn't come up to Edward's standards. I mean, come on. Stop criticizing everything you see because of a stinking book, there's a reason it is FICTIONAL. People need their own opinions, and stop following every trend. One day, Twilight won't be cool to like, and everyone will move on to the next thing. So yeah, I don't think it was a good book..I believe it was poorly written, and there should not be this much controversy over a book. Everyone has their own opinions, some people hate it, and others enjoy it. I happen to not like it, and you happen to like it. Let's just hope World War Three doesn't break out.

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    that is a really good question i on the other hand love the book, but i shouldn't be saying anything because up to the end of this summer i didn't want anything to do with it. i never liked vampires so i thought it would be very boring and gruesome. so one day i was bored, and my friend brought twilight to school, so i decided, " what the HECK " and once i did, i couldn't put it down. i ended up buying my own copy and finishing all 4 books by the night of halloween.

    i thought it was soooooo good. i was so sad when it was over, that i am reading it again for the second time : )

    so really it just might be that some people haven't given it a chance yet. and let me tell ya twilight is definitely worth it ! : )

  • Well a few reasons... but before I say anything I am most definately NOT one of them... Im totally and completely obsessed with Twilight, and namely, Edward Cullen lol... but here are some reasons Ive heard so far...

    "Because Edward is gay and stupid"- I hate this one the most... because considering like 90% of women are in love with him, they should probably shut their mouths and take notes ;)

    "Didnt like the movie, so why bother reading the book" -Book and movie are completely different. Both good, but the book is a million times better.

    "Its just a fad" -Yes, most guys are hoping for this, so their girls will still chase after them instead of realizing they could have someone that might treat them better {someone similar to Edward, or Jacob if you prefer}

    -----Every bad comment I hear either has no excuse or has to do with the fact that girls like Edward... so truthfully? theyre jealous of a fictional vampire/ sad is that :P

    And I realize he isnt real... most of us do... but the way he treats her is real.. and can be... if you find someone that cares that much about you <3 Thats what I love...

  • It is simply an overhyped book, entirely overrated, and seemingly, it is only grasping the interests of 11-15 year old girls - some of whom haven't even hit puberty yet - who are so immensed of the 500 pages of how Edward Cullen is so HAWT! Kind of like the sappy music of the Jonas Brothers, who by the way, could not put a song deeper than my belly button out if their lives depended on it.

    Go into the Books & Authors section and see how many Twlight questions there are! Ridiculous! This book is sure to make the list of Most Overrated of 2008.

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    Because it's a fad. It's a tween favorite and I prefer not to read books that 12 year old girls like. It's of no literary merit, and I tend to only read books that people will still be talking about fifty years from now.

    Edit: As far as the girl's comments above me, it is just a fad. And I don't say that because I'm jealous of Edward. Did you really just imply that? There's no guy in the world who could love or treat my girlfriend better than I do.

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    Because pathetic fan freaks ruin all good things by shoving it down our throats so much that we choke on it...and who likes anything like that. Then to top it off people dress up like vampires and change their names to vampire blah blah blah. After all that who cares about the book or the movie anymore......If you want good vampire books read the vampire chronicles by anne rice....that being said. I think I am gonna read the Twilight series of books.

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    Nobody hates the book. Why would they?

    What annoys people are the rabid little screaming fan-girls running like lemmings to buy anything with the word "Twilight" on it.

    Sorry, but it gets old quickly.

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    I have never heard of it b4, but my answer to you're question would have to be because people happen to be very judgmental although many say it's against their religion it is human to have feelings and feelings are part of being judgmental.

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    the concept of the book was good; the writing and vocabulary of it could have been done better by a 14 year old. i have read it, i liked the idea of it, i just wish it was written with high academic vocabulary.

  • That is a good question,

    I personally LOVE it.

    I am an addict and can't wait to read the others.

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