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Why does Dr. Pepper give $100k to a random kid at the ACC football game?

If you watched the ACC championship game today--during half-time, two kids came up and competed throwing 10 footballs into a hole from a whopping 5 yards away. The guy that made the most in (which was like 6 out of 10) won $100k!! Why does Dr. Pepper sponsor this? Any single player on either BC or VT could have done better than the two contestants. People that get $100k in scholarship money normally have to put in lots of hours into research and studying. Why doesn't Dr. Pepper just give the money to the players or the schools instead?


silent ones: not all players end up drafted...and very few that do make the millions that people talk about

imagine if you were a car mechanic fixing oil and such, working long hours, and some kid comes around and manages to twist a wrench and walks away with 100k.

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    I'd say it's just an advertising tactic. If they donated to the school, they wouldn't get the benefit of viewers seeing their giant dr. pepper can contest during half-time.

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    you mean the players that will end up making millions in the NFL, or the schools that already generate revenue off their successful college teams? why not give the money to the average guy who isnt expected to nail 6 of 10 passes?

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