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How do you get into a character?

When I say my lines for this scene in theater class, I don't feel it. I feel really fake saying my lines. What are some good tips to really get into the character?

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    /\ This is a GREAT website with tons of acting tips.

    Here are some specifically applicable articles:

    How to Research and Build Your Character:

    Big list of acting tips:

    Hopefully, these links will help you. They sure helped me!

    Additional tips from me:

    Fully analyze WHAT your character is saying. Why is s/he saying that? What made him/her want to say that? One thing I was told is to "think the thought that makes your line inevitable." In other words, think about what would cause someone to say the line.

    Fully research your character. What are his/her characteristics? For example, ask yourself questions that lead to your character's posture, movement, etc. Here's what I have come up with before for a shy character:

    Is she shy?

    How would such a person stand? Straight, with shoulders back? No, probably slumped over a bit, looking at the ground.

    What would their movements look like? An extrovert would probably gesture more, so would a shy person keep more to his/herself? I think that shoulders could be slightly raised, hands touching in front of torso, perhaps picking at fingernails or wringing hands, or other nervous habit.

    How would this person make eye contact? If shy, none at all or very little. If outgoing, then I would make normal eye contact. If bossy/angry/headstrong, then direct, constant eye contact would probably be appropriate for the character.

    There's a website that I just found the other day: She includes a breakdown of the character of Gertrude Mcfuzz from Seussical the Musical. She takes hints from the script in order to evaluate the character. I think you could use the same process to discover your character. I completely recommend reading it. She seems to know what she's talking about.

    Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck to ya!

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    Read the lines of all the other characters that surround your own to discover their relationship to your character. If there isn't much of a back story, use your imagination to make stuff up to fill in the blanks. Then place yourself in your characters shoes and react to what you are hearing and seeing around you.

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    whats your character?

    i start talking in the accent or way my character does, permantly.

    & i think of what my character would do & how they would act.

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    OK the truth is ur faking it ..........its called acting, but just read the lines, if that dosn;t help, or to ur techer, thing i do........[its my ocd.]............ i find out how the charcter walks and or runs.....

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