W14 Dilemma: Start Larry Johnson or Steven Jackson?

Who to start for Week 13?

Johnson is up against Denver and Jackson is up against Arizona.

Both are the MAIN RBs for their teams, and I am guessing that Jackson will get 20+ carries, while Johnson should get 20+ carries it might depend on how the game goes. KC's passing game is pretty solid. If KC goes down by the first or second quarter, its pretty possible that Johnson won't get as many carries.(they'll be trying to catch up with their passing game) The thing with Jackson is that StL is facing Arizona at home. Their run defense is not bad, and they will mark Jackson very hard. Denvers run defense is not very good, but I am also playing Jay Cutler and Peyton Hillis. I'm afraid that playing three players from one game can prove to be a disadvantage.

ESPN Today: Jackson (thigh) participated in all of Friday's practice and is probable for Sunday's game.

Spin: He should carry a heavy load against the Cardinals.

ESPN Yesterday: Jackson (thigh) was limited in practice on Thursday, according to the Cardinals' official site.

Spin: Both Jackson and Rams coach Jim Haslett have expressed a desire to get Jackson more carries this weekend, so the limited practice time is probably just intended to keep him fresh for Sunday's tilt.

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    I actually have this same dilemma, starting forte and either jackson or LJ; Right now I'm going with Steven Jackson, to keep his job haslett needs some wins and I think riding SJ is his best chance, and jackson seems to want the workload and he looked pretty fresh against mia def.

    THe chiefs on the other hand seem to be trying to work their passing game. However LJ did go off against den earlier in the year.

    I think your safe with either play but I am going with Steven Jackson on a hunch

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    1 decade ago

    First of all Jackson in probable. Johnson is fine.

    Denver doesn't have a good defense. While the cards can step it up and will probably watch the pocket and jackson more often. I'd go johnson.

  • 3 years ago

    to the alternative, Dunn is the 1st you may desire to do away with. he would be going up against a Carolina protection it quite is interior the midst of the %. while it includes rushing Yards allowed, yet have basically allowed 10 rushing touchdowns all season. it quite is below one according to sport. combine this with the resurgence of 'Cadillac' Williams, and you basically can't initiate him. This leaves you with Larry and Jackson. regular expertise could say they could desire to end interior of a factor or 2 of another this week, yet for my funds, i could initiate Johnson. Jackson is the extra beneficial returned yet Johnson would be working against a Denver protection it quite is the 5th worst in rushing yards allowed and has allowed 17 rushing touchdowns this season. initiate Johnson. If no longer, initiate Jackson. yet do no longer initiate Dunn. he's basically too lots of a danger this week.

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    I would start Larry Johnson.

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    he has a better O-line

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