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Who knows what a 'Prep' is?

I've heard of it as being like a kind of stereotype.

Don't have a clue what it actually is...

What do they look like/act like/wear?

I just wondered.

Could anyone tell me?

Thanks x

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    A prep is not a middle school tween who shops at Abercrombie, ok? I know this definition is lengthy but in my opinion I love it and think its the brutal truth.

    Typically, this word has become a derogatory name for a guy or a girl who takes pride in the way they approach, and appear, in life. Common misconceptions about "preps" are that we are a bunch of cocky, New England elitist types who have more money than God, himself, and an inherent desire to flaunt it in the form of clothing, cars, housing, education and social standing.

    First off: You don't have to be from the north to be a prep. What prep initially implies is that you went to preparatory school, hence the word "prep".

    A prep's wardrobe consists of some expensive clothing, but they've had it for the better part of a decade--excluding the two Vineyard Vines polos they got for their birthday and the 50% off sale at Brooks Brothers--indicating the true preppy trait of valuing "classic" over "trendy". We don't buy into the Lacoste trend of now, but we will gladly wear "handed down from dad" Lacoste polo shirt when it still maintained an association with Izod, which was well before it became the token icon of a sold out, soulless and materialistic world.

    And as far as the true prep's garage is concerned, you're more likely to find a boxy Volvo station wagon or sedan (ski rack clutching to the roof for dear life) than you are the Ferrari or Hummer that everybody seems to associate with a prep. You find cars like those in the garages of those obnoxious yuppies who liken themselves to human beings because of the sole reason that they have a body with blood (no matter how drug-laced) flowing through it.

    A true prep is a classy individual. We know where to go, who to know and we seriously believe in class, and the true ones of us refuse to buy into pop culture. We do the right things, whether it's holding the door for a lady, mixing our Gin and Tonic with the right proportions, or double-spacing after every period when we write our essays. Truly, "prep" is not a trend, it is a classic way of life.

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    The original definition of prep was someone who attended a prepatory.

    Since many people who went to those schools wore the general collared shirts, khaki pants, button-up shirts, just basically looked fresh, played sports like tennis, golf, etc., usually had money, etc. they were grouped together as a sterotype as a 'prep'.

    Nowadays, people call people who shop at Hollister, Aeropostale, and American Eagle 'preps'. Which to me doesn't make any sense. Abercrombie is actually a 'preppy' store, when you think about it.

    Stores like A&F, Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pullitizer, J. Crew, Burberry, etc. are true preppy stores.

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    Originally, they used the definition "one who attended a prepatory" as in like the type of school.

    Most preps wear classic brands such as Ralph Lauren of Lacoste and J.Cew...

    Most of the stores they shop at are "upper class"

    A Prep would wear:

    Polo Shirts

    Cable-Knit Vests

    Khaki Pants



    They play sports like:



    check these out: they pretty much give you all the detail

    However, the term "prep" has changed a lot over the past while.

    Nowadays, stores like Hollister, Abercrombie, American Eagle and such are defined as "preppyy"


    hope i helped you better understand!!

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    Originally a prep wore collar shirts, plaid shorts, sweater vests, etc.

    They would also play golf, polo, lacrosse.

    Now-a-days, a prep is somebody that shops at places like aeropostale, american eagle, abercrombie and fitch, abercrombie, and hollister.

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    i today's high school they are rude girls who think because they are a little better looking then some people they are cooler but there is no such thing as cool cool is what you think is it and what the people you hang out with think it is

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    origionaly a prep was someone who was rich,and wore plaid and polos like this

    now they are more abercrombie,hollister and stores like that they can act normal and down to earth or stuck up like this

    hope this helped

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