Help. How do i motivate other youth to join our choir club?

It's been almost half a year i have been telling, talking, inviting, requesting, bidding our young people to join the choir club in our church but they seems don't care. At our first practice, we were more than 40(i was happy about it) then after few more meeting and practices, we've become 30 then 20 then 10 until, now, we were only 4 of us practicing choir: me(the pianist), the worship leaders and other two singers(back-up singers). I don't want to dismiss our choir club especially now, youth camp is coming soon and our youth organization haven't collected enough money to join the camp. It's December and singing Christmas carols in a choir is a best and effective way to solicit. Any suggestion how to motivate the youth to join the choir club?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to try to keep a personal relationship up with each one, and stay involved in their lives, if they respect you, they will come, we all need to feel loved and needed, and we need to know that what we are doing makes a difference. So I would say a face to face chat with each one of them would bring a bunch back, good luck, you have a great idea there, and Christmas is right around the corner,,May God Bless Your efforts!!

  • tyrell
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    3 years ago

    ok, i do not comprehend what the placement is. If it truly is the "uniform" that the choir contributors positioned on, then it truly is what you position on. you're making a song interior the choir at church, no longer making a fashion truth. once you spot countless choirs, they positioned on those lengthy gowns. Many organizations have standardized dress. It in simple terms makes all of us tournament. no man or woman man or woman stands proud, and there aren't any distractions. undergo in options too, that that is church, and also you may be repectable in what you position on. all of us who performs has to positioned on regardless of their function demands like it or no longer. evaluate it that way, like that's the dress for the instruct. After church, you in simple terms bypass homestead and adjust, no enormous deal, accurate? as far because the white bow on your hair, you're accurate! it truly is attractive for a touch youngster, yet you're 14, no longer 5, so i might want to ask them to thrill assist you to forgo the bow. you'll probably experience rather stupid.

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